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Where Great Adventures Begin

Where Great Adventures Begin

When Butler Maps co-founder Justin Bradshaw set out to revolutionize the world of motorcycle navigation, he knew he needed to ditch traditional paper maps and find a partner who shared his passion for innovation and adventure.

Enter Mark Roebke, co-creator of REVER. Together, in 2014, they set out to build a cutting-edge app that helped riders discover, plan, navigate, record, and share their rides with a community of like-minded enthusiasts. As two passionate motorcycle riders, Mark and Justin understood the potential for technology to connect riders and create countless unforgettable experiences on two wheels.

In 2015 REVER launched, inspiring and empowering riders to explore the world around them, from epic cross-country trips to scenic Sunday morning cruises. Since then, REVER has quickly become a beloved brand among motorcyclists worldwide, attracting a following of riders who share our passion for exploration, community, and the open road.

In 2020, the REVER platform became part of the Comoto Family of Brands, alongside RevZilla, Cycle Gear, J&P Cycles, and Common Tread—a testament to the commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of motorcycle culture and innovation. Roads connect more than just places; they connect riders to the world and each other. Let’s show the world how we roll.

We get it, because we ride...
All the damn time.

Superbikes, enduros, adventure bikes, baggers, snowmobiles, or powered beer coolers, if it has a motor, you'll find us on it. Every single person here rides and we are proud to be building a modern tech company from a small Colorado town, where access to trails, roads and the mountains give us a daily excuse to product test.

Justin Bradshaw

General Manager

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Mark Roebke

VP of Mobile Technology

Fears Water Crossing

Paul Flurer

Product Owner

Looks Remarkably Like Jesus

Bjorn Bredeson

Marketing Manager

It's Not Delivery, It's Bjorn-o!

Kyle Nagel

Community & Content Coordinator

Nagel Like Bagel

Olga Silina

UX Designer

Specializing In Fit & Finish

Jeff Thomas

Senior Ruby Engineer

Creates Software That Is The Bee’s Knees

Mark Brittan

Senior Ruby Engineer

Deep Diving Into Code & Oceans

Josh Macpherson

Lead Android Developer

Once Almost Drowned In His NYC Apartment

Maja Blackwood

RPM/REVER PRO Specialist

Short, But Spicy

Blake Draguesku

Off-Road & Content Specialist

Owns A XR650, Enough Said

Career Opportunities at REVER

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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