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How Do I Plan A Ride?

With REVER, one of the best features is being able to create a custom route in the website or the app and get route line or turn-by-turn navigation directly in the app.

How To Plan On Website: 

  1. From the Map Screen select Create Route (Left Panel)
  2. Choose your route building engine
  3. Select your starting point and place waypoints along your intended route.
  4. Click Save when your route is complete and add a Ride Date. (Date determines sorting on your Planned Rides)
  • Pro Tip - Zoom in as close as you can when placing waypoints and place them directly in the lane of travel, avoiding highway on/off-ramps and interchanges.

How To Plan In The App:

  1. From the Map Tab select the Create Ride icon (curvy road icon upper right)
  2. Choose your route building engine
  3. Starting location will default to your current location. (Change this by selecting the Current Location box)
  4. Drag the map to place your next waypoint or type in a location.
  5. Click Start when your route is complete and choose Follow Route Line or Turn-by-turn Navigation.
  6. Or you can choose Save For Later.

Straight Line While Tracking?

If you are on an Android, chances are you have some silly optimization settings that nuke your phone's GPS which will stop your tracking. So let's get you sorted so you can track your rides appropriately.


1. Power Savings Mode: Disabled

2. Battery Settings: Change Optimized to Performance/High Performance

3. App Permissions Set to Always rather than While Using the app.

Some Other Tracking Tips:

Close Apps You’re Not Using: If you have several apps running in the background, the operating system will choose which apps are using the most resources. In an attempt to optimize your battery, the operating system will ‘kill’ apps that are consuming too much battery. (Do not swipe out of REVER, it will end your tracked ride).

Camera Use: We encourage you to take photos along the way! If you choose to use the camera, close out of the camera app after you snap your picture. As cameras continue to improve, they also use more battery and processing power to function, so swipe out of the camera app to make sure REVER does not get booted by the operating system.

How do I upgrade, manage, or cancel my PRO Subscription?

Did you upgrade on the website?

Did you upgrade through the app?

  • If you are on an iPhone and upgraded through the app: Go to your phone's settings -> Click on your name/Apple ID -> click on Subscriptions -> Find REVER and you can change or cancel from here. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039
  • If you are on an Android and upgraded through the app: Go to the Play Store -> tap on your avatar > Manage Google Account > Swipe over to Payments and Subscriptions > find REVER and you can change or cancel from there.

Can I transfer my REVER rides to a GPS device like Garmin?

Pro members can export REVER rides from the website as GPX files to be uploaded to your GPS device. Check out this tutorial on how to do this.

How can I share a ride?

Web: Go to My Activities in the top bar > Find your ride under Tracked, Planned or Favorites > Click the Options drop down to the right of the ride you want to share > Select Share Deeplink to get a smart link that will recognize whether users are on the web or app version of REVER Or you can choose Share to send via REVER, Email, Blog or Deeplink

App: Go to the Feed tab > Find the ride you want to share from the Ride Feed or by searching My Rides > Click the Share Ride icon (lower right) on the Ride Card > Select Share Link to this Ride and choose your preferred way to send the ride link

My planning line is straight (as the crow flies), what do I do?

Planning your ride and the route line is not following the road? You may have the polyline tool (little pencil looking icon) selected. Make sure to switch this off by clicking so it is no longer highlighted in orange. The polyline tool is used if you are planning a ride that may not have a defined road (like a dry lake bed, or undefined mountain trail).

Where do I find my rides?

On the web, go to My Activities in the top bar, scroll down to find your rides, select planned, tracked or favorite. From here, you can choose which rides to show on the map, trim (tracked) or edit (planned) rides, share and delete.

Do you have turn-by-turn directions?

Yes! REVER offers turn-by-turn navigation for planned rides up to 25 waypoints for Pro members only. Plan your ride in REVER, then get audio and visual directions when you access your rides. Check out this tutorial on how to access these.

How do I download offline maps?

Going out of service, but still want to see your maps? Downloading offline maps is a Pro feature. Go to the Map tab > click the upper-left selection menu > scroll to the bottom, and select Download Maps. You can zoom to the region you would like to download (TIP: smaller chunks provide more detail). When you have the area you want to download, click download, name the region, and wait for the maps to download. Check out the tutorial

How do I find Butler Maps?

In the App:

Butler Map recommendations are a Pro feature. Go to the Map tab > click the upper right Discover icon > Choose Paved or Adventure and select Incredible Roads. Enable the roads you want to see. If you zoom around the map, click Select this area. Butler layers will populate and you can select G1 routes to get more details.

How can I find a ride near me?

Discovering new places to ride is one of the great features in the REVER app.

  1. From the Map tab select the binocular icon (upper right)
  2. Select your preferred riding style 
  3. Choose a category and scroll around the map to find the routes
  4. Tap a POI to preview details of the ride
  5. Select Ride It!

Check out this tutorial! How to Discover Rides in REVER

How do I change Kilometers to Miles or vice-versa?

In the app, visit the Profile tab. In the upper left, you should see a settings icon. Select the icon and it will open up the settings menu where you can switch it between kilometers and miles.

Where do I find my rides?

App: Go to the Feed tab to view your recent rides as well as your friends' rides and recommended content. All your Favorite, Tracked, Planned and Offline Rides can be found by clicking the drop down arrow next to My Rides at the top right.

Web: On the web, go to My Activities in the top bar, scroll down to find your rides, select planned or tracked. From here, you can share tracked or planned rides and edit planned rides.

How do I track a ride?

Tracking a ride is simple! Once you are signed into the REVER app, visit the Map tab and click the orange “Record” bar at the bottom.

How do you pronounce REVER?

This is a surprisingly common question we did not think would be an issue.

REVER is our way of revving your engine, rev rev to get REVER. It does not have a long e sound like reever.

How much is REVER PRO?

For the annual PRO subscription, the standard US price is $39.99, that breaks down to just $3.33 a month to amp up your motorcycle-navigation experience.  **Prices are given in USD, outside the U.S., prices will be localized for exchange rates.

What are the REVER PRO benefits?

Ready to unlock the next level of REVER? Check out the full list here: https://rever.co/premium/

I don’t live in the U.S., can I still use REVER?

Absolutely, REVER can be used anywhere around the world. We are constantly adding rides to the Discovery section to help boost your riding experience in all parts of the world, check it out in the app.

What types of files can I upload and how do I do that?

If you have planned a route in a program like Basecamp or Mapsource, you can easily add that planned route to your Planned Rides in Rever. Our system will accept .gpx or .kml files. Just drag and drop into your profile, or search for a file on your computer using our “upload” button.

How do I join a challenge?

In the app, check out the Participate tab. From here, you can view Featured Challenges or select View All. We have a few different kinds of challenges: mileage-based, POI-based, ride count and combinations of the three. Rides ridden before joining a challenge will not be counted toward the challenge.

What can I do in the mobile app?

There are many features in the REVER app! You can track your rides and save them for later. You can also find new rides in the the Discover section. Join a Community and find like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts. You can add your friends, see where they have been riding, and even see where they are in real-time with Friend Tracker. In your profile, you can add your motorcycles to the Garage and riding gear under Gear.

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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