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Discover the best The City of Trees has to offer with Atlanta motorcycle rides as chosen by REVER. The tree canopy that covers Atlanta is one of a kind, and over 50% of the city is covered by dense trees. This makes an excellent setting for motorcycle rides in Atlanta, GA, and nothing beats cruising down the city's beautiful streets shaded by sprawling trees. There is much to see and do in Atlanta outside of its iconic landscape. As the nation's 9th largest metro area, the city boasts world-class museums, parks and sports stadiums. So fire up your bike and set your sights on Atlanta with REVER.

Tips For The Best Motorcycle Rides Around Atlanta

For the best motorcycle rides around Atlanta, don't leave home without REVER. The app is free to download, and you can get started in seconds. Open routes selected by the pros or start recording your own rides and sharing them with your buddies. If you're serious about motorcycle touring, then you need to get REVER Pro to pair with Atlanta motorcycle rides. You'll unlock premium features perfect for long road trips including weather alerts, Butler Maps road recommendations, voice navigation and mobile route planning. Best of all, REVER Pro will only set you back a few bucks a month.

Fall and spring are often the best times to visit Atlanta. Even though the city is firmly situated in the South, it does experience all four seasons. It is best to prepare for the hot and humid summers, even if the city's higher elevation in the foothills of the Appalachians makes it cooler than areas farther south. Invest in breathable riding gear and a reliable hydration pack before you go. Rain is more common in the summer than the spring or fall in Atlanta, but the precipitation you really want to watch out for is the occasional ice storm in the winter. Otherwise you'll find motorcycle rides in Atlanta, GA to be pleasant throughout most of the year. One last word of caution, Atlanta is notorious for its traffic. If you're heading out of the metro area, you will want to tack on some extra travel time around rush hour.

Atlanta Attractions

Atlanta is a jewel of the South, and you won't want to miss its world-class attractions as you ride through town. Start the day with a big Southern breakfast at the Buttermilk Kitchen in North Atlanta, or wrap a hard day of riding with smoked wings and ribs at Fox Bros. BBQ in Little Five Points. Atlanta is a legendary sports town, so you'll certainly want to take in a Braves game at Truist Park or a Falcons game at Mercedes Benz Stadium. Football fans won't want to miss the College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta. Are you in need of a break from the hustle of downtown Atlanta? Head over to Piedmont Park for one of the most relaxing city parks in America. Finally, hit the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA in early May to see the Atlanta Super TT. This exciting motorcycle race will keep you on the edge of your seat start to finish. Or for a true, old-school biker rally, head southeast of the city to experience the Milledgeville Thunder Rally in late April each year.

Armachee Loop

Explore the John's Mountain Natural Area north of Atlanta on this scenic two and a half hour loop. The route begins in Rome, GA, which is a little over an hour and a half ride from Atlanta without traffic. Begin north of town at Armuchee, GA on Highway 27. Shortly after you set out, you'll ride into the southern section of the John's Mountain Wildlife Area. This near 25,000 acre wild area will be the setting for most of the ride. It provides ample hiking and river fishing opportunities all along the route. There is also excellent primitive camping available if you brought your camping loadout. Head northwest up to Gore, GA, and after running a scenic little forest section, stop at the Lookout on Taylor's Ridge to see views of the nearby valley. After the lookout point, you'll head back down into another valley to Summerville, GA. Pull off at the Burger Shack for some quick roadside food, and then take a short detour to see the old Summerville Train Turntable and Couey House log cabin.

When you're finished in Summerville, take Highway 48 southwest out of town. Stay on Highway 48 through Menlo, GA, and then climb a wooded ridge up to Cloudland, GA. Keep cruising on 48 over the state line into Alabama as the road becomes Highway 117. Before you get to Mentone, AL, hang a right on County Road 631 to ride back into Georgia. At Highway 157, turn left to continue on into the scenic Zahnd Wildlife Area. As you ride the high ridge, you'll be treated to great views of the valley below as well as high rock outcrops along the way. Eventually you'll arrive at a 4-way with the Lookout Mountain Scenic Highway / 136. Turn right to continue on the route, but if you're hungry, you'll definitely want to stop at the Trading Post Smokehouse here. Take the scenic highway down along the ridge and into the valley to continue on towards LaFayette, GA. Hang a right onto Highway 27 to cruise south into town, and then stay on Highway 136 east to Naomi, GA. Once there, take 136 for a short stretch up north, and follow the highway right back up into the hills. Pass up and over Maddox Gap to hit some fun sweeping turns down into the valley. Don't miss your next right at the bottom of the hill at West Armuchee Road.

The next section winds through more scenic hillsides in the Johns Mountain Natural Area. Off to the east here you can see Strawberry Mountain at 1390 ft. You'll hang a left at Subligna, GA on East Armuchee Road to continue on the route. Once in Villanow, GA, jump back on Highway 136 with a right, but then take another quick right shortly after on Pocket Road. One more section of scenic forest roads await as you ride in the shadow of Johns Mountain at 1883 ft. Just off County Road 702 is a short trail for Keown Falls. Ride past The Pocket Recreation Area, and then thread between the hills past Horn Mountain. Just before the small town of Everett Springs, GA, take a soft right onto Lovers Lane. After you pass Arrowhead Lake, turn right onto Highway 156 to cruise back into Aramachee and wrap up the loop.  

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The Johns Mountain Wild Area will be the setting for much of this ride.
You can explore the rural roads around Johns Mountain for more riding opportunities.
Johns Creek flows just south of Villanow, GA.
You can see Horn Mountain just south of Johns Mountain.

Amicalola To Lake Marvin

Tour two scenic lakes northwest of Atlanta on this hour and a half one way ride to Lake Marvin. This ride begins at the southern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Amicalola, GA. Before you head out, consider a detour just north of town to Amicalola Falls State Park. This easy-to-access park features the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River that you won't want to miss. Then take State Road 52 south out of town for a short stretch. Next, jump on the Elliott Family Parkway / 183 and turn right on Highway 136 to begin the route. You'll pass by Fausett Lake and wind through some beautiful country on the way to Talking Rock, GA. When you reach Sequoyah Lake, there is a pull off at Burnt Mountain Lookout that you'll definitely want to see. Burnt Mountain is just to the east here at 3290 ft. When you meet up with Talking Rock Creek, don't miss the right turn to stay on 136. Soon you'll arrive in the old rail yard town of Talking Rock.

Stay on 136 west out of town as you pass over Highway 515. If you're hungry, there is a solid roadside BBQ joint called Bigun's Barbeque(r) just north of here. Otherwise take 136 northwest towards Carters Lake. This 65 mile lake is known for its clear waters and excellent fishing opportunities. If you turn right on Carter's Dam Road off 136, you can tackle a short detour north to see the dam on the Coosawattee River. Be sure to ride across the dam to the Northbank Day Use Area to see the cliffs next to the mountain. Back on the route, you'll keep cruising west on 136 towards Nicketsville, GA. At the main crossroads in town, hang a left to ride south on Highway 225. This will take you along the Conasauga River and into Calhoun, GA. At the confluence of the Coosawattee and Conasauga Rivers is the New Echota Historic Site, and nearby markers note this is the area where the Cherokee removal known as the Trail of Tears began. On your way into Calhoun, Thatcher's offers excellent Southern food if you're in need of a lunch spot. Just north of Calhoun, you'll want to get back on another spur of Highway 136 heading northwest out of town. You'll know you're headed the right way when you pass over the Oostanaula River. Just to the west here you'll see a small ridge known as Baugh Mountain.

Your next stop is Sugar Valley, GA. Get off 136 here to take Pocket Road / Lake Marvin Road west up into the hills. One final fun section awaits as you climb a couple switchbacks up a high ridge to Calhoun Gap. Once on top, you'll ride back down to Lake Marvin. The curved ridge to the south here is known as Horn Mountain with an elevation of 1832 ft. Wrap the ride here on the banks of Lake Marvin surrounded by scenic hills.    

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Amicalola Falls State Park is just north of the town of Amicalola, GA.
Amicalola Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River. (source)
Amicalola is located at the southern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains. (source)
You'll wrap this ride at Lake Marvin just south of Horn Mountain.

Jasper, Ellijay And Chatsworth Loop

Ride up to Fort Mountain and explore the southern edge of Carters Lake on this two hour loop out of Jasper, GA. You'll take Interstate 575 north out of Atlanta to get to Jasper for our starting point. It will take you about an hour without traffic to get there. Start by riding north out of town on Burnt Mountain Road. The route gets scenic right away as you cruise through winding forest roads. Don't miss the left on Jones Mountain Road to continue on. You'll pass through the small towns of Pleasant Valley and Yukon, GA on the way to Ellijay. When you run into Highway 5, take it north for a short jaunt and then get back off on Highway 2 to cross the Ellijay River. Just off the road here between two forks of the river is the Cajun Depot Grill. Make sure to try the crawfish if you stop for lunch. Stay on Highway 52 through the roundabout in downtown Ellijay, and then take it northwest towards New Hope and Mountaintown, GA.

This next section in the Cohutta Wilderness is the best part of the ride. It starts with a snaking climb up the ridge past Tatum Mountain. There is a pull off at the Cohutta Overlook where you can take in the view of Tatum and the surrounding mountains. Keep following Highway 52 along the ridge, and consider a detour to Fort Mountain State Park as the road turns south. The highlight of the park is Fort Mountain at 2,850 ft. Of particular interest is an ancient stone fort at the summit that is thought to be a Native American ceremonial altar in the shape of a snake. You can take Old Fort Road in the park to take a hiking trail to the ancient wall and lookout point. Camping is also available here at Fort Mountain Lake. Just south of the park entrance is another scenic overlook that offers views of the valley to the east. Once you're finished, gear up for a fun section back down the mountain including a hairpin turn that takes you into Chatsworth, GA.

When you arrive in Chatsworth, turn left on Highway 76, and then take a right just outside of town onto Smyrna Church Road. You'll meet up with Highway 225, and take it south over Holly Creek. Your next stop is Nickelsville, GA, and you'll take the left onto Nicklesville Road to stay on the route. The Carters Lake area is your next destination. There are a few options when you get to the lake. You can take Old Highway 411 north to see the Carters Lake Regulation Dam, or you can check out a second dam off Carter's Dam Road. We recommend riding over the second Carter's Dam to relax by the lake at the Northbank Day Use Area. When you're finished exploring the lake, get back on Highway 136 east through Talking Rock, GA. It will take you all the way back to Burnt Mountain Road and Jasper to complete the loop. If you're heading back to Atlanta, there is also the option of jumping on Highway 5 south to cut some time returning to Interstate 575.      

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The Cohutta Wilderness is one of the best areas to ride north of Atlanta.
Stop off at Fort Mountain to see sweeping views of the valley below.
Fort Mountain is the site of an ancient Native American ceremonial altar in the shape of a snake.
Make sure you take the detour into Fort Mountain State Park to see more vistas of the rugged area.

Athens To Augusta Loop

Top off your tank for an epic five hour tour of Athens and Augusta, GA that includes a jump over into South Carolina along the Savannah River. It will take you a little over an hour to get to Athens from Atlanta. If you need to fuel up with breakfast, hit up Mama's Boy at The Falls of Oconee before you head out. Begin the route on Business 129 south to Watkinsville, GA. Shortly after, you'll hang a left onto Barneet Shoals Road. Once you pass over the Oconee River, the road becomes Wolfskin Road. When you see Highway 78, take the right to ride into Crawford, GA. There is a cool lunch joint here called G Brand BBQ. Continue on down through Lexington, GA, and then take a right on County Road 22 / Crawfordville Road. Cruise through the small towns of Philomath and Carters Grove, GA, and look for a right onto Highway 44 shortly after.

Washington, GA is up next, and make sure you ride down Robert Toombs Avenue through town to see the historic mansions that line main street. Then take Highway 78 south out of town, and don't miss a right past Anne Heights, GA onto Wrightsboro Road. At Cadley, GA, take the left to stay on Highway 80 to Cedar Rock. Then hang a hard left onto Highway 223 / Cedar Rock Road just south of the mine. You'll cross over Interstate 20 and head into Thomson, GA. We'll be riding east from here to Augusta, but instead of taking I-20, we've chosen scenic roads along the way. Stay on 223 through Tomason, and once you pass Highway 221, keep an eye out for your next left onto Baker Place Road over the interstate. Cruise up to the Columbia County Fairgrounds, and then turn right onto 232. This road will take you through the Augusta suburbs and into downtown. Highway 232 ends at Highway 104, and keep riding west on the 104 until you get on I-20 east over into South Carolina. Just south of here is Augusta National home to The Masters golf tournament in early April. For another interesting detour opportunity, you can stay on 104 past I-20 to check out the Augusta Canal on the Savannah River.

We'll only be on I-20 for a short jaunt over the Savannah River Bridge, and take the second exit after the SC Visitors Center to ride north on Highway 230. This rural section is quite the departure from the bustle of Augusta. Take 230 all the way north until you get to Brunson Crossroads, SC, and then turn left on Highway 283. Another long section of forest roads awaits on your way to Plum Branch, SC. Take State Road 33-30 west out of town, and don't miss the left turn to stay on 33-30 a few miles outside of Plum Branch. At Highway 378, hang a left towards Baker Creek State Park. This area offers excellent hiking and camping opportunities along a fork of Lake Strom Thurmond on the Savannah River. You'll cross over the lake and then turn right on Highway 7 instead of riding back into Georgia. Tour more sections of the lake and then turn left onto Highway 81. Gear up for a long haul on 81 to Calhoun Falls. Once in town, hang a left onto Highway 72 for one last scenic section in South Carolina as you cross back over the Savannah River.

This last section of the route takes you south of Tate Lake. If you need a break, take Marina Drive off 72 up to Clifford's Restaurant and the Beaverdam Marina. Once you get to Elberton, GA, stay on Highway 72 back towards Athens. It is an easy ride back to Athens from here to complete the loop. Finish off the day by quenching your thirst at Creature Comforts Brewing that is located in a restored old tire shop. You can also cruise the streets around the beautiful University of Georgia campus to see sites like Sanford Stadium.  

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Thurmond Lake is a large reservoir with many hidden coves on the Savannah River.
Washington, GA features several historic mansions along main street.
Augusta is a historic river town along the Savannah River. (source)
The Augusta Canal lies just next to the Savannah River. (source)

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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