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Discover the top Eureka Springs motorcycle rides to make your next Ozarks adventure a blast with REVER. Tucked into the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a unique setting for a memorable motorcycle ride. There are no stoplights in town, and no roads intersect at 90 degrees, so cruising through town feels like stepping back into an earlier time. Outside of town, you'll feel the exhilaration of riding down sweeping forest roads surrounded by towering limestone bluffs. The REVER team has spent extensive time riding the beauty of Northwestern Arkansas. We've selected our favorite Eureka Springs motorcycle routes below so you can do less planning and more revving on your next trip.   

Tips For The Best Eureka Springs Arkansas Motorcycle Routes

As you prepare for Eureka Springs Arkansas motorcycle routes, don't leave home without the REVER App. It is free to download and join, and you can open unique motorcycle rides, find riding communities in your area and try out distinct challenges. But for a few bucks a month, it is absolutely worth upgrading to REVER Pro if you're serious about riding. Pro members can access a wealth of resources at their fingertips. Features like mobile route planning, turn by turn navigation, weather alerts and much more will ensure you see the best that Eureka Springs has to offer.   

As for weather, spring brings the rainy season in the Ozarks, and the local climate becomes hot and humid in the summer months. You'll want to prepare for the rain and heat accordingly depending on when you're heading out on a ride. While Eureka Springs receives only a few inches of snow each year, it can get pretty cold in the winter months. This makes the majority of Eureka Springs motorcycle roads three season rides, so prepare with versatile riding gear. Finally, while you may not associate mountainous terrain with Arkansas, there is some steep terrain to tackle on these routes. Riders should be prepared for the challenges that inclines and declines pose before heading out. Make sure your motorcycle protective gear is up to snuff before you go. As always, respect your skill level and study the route before you fire up your bike. 

Eureka Springs Attractions

Natural wonders are the main attraction to pair with Eureka Springs Arkansas motorcycle rides, and there is no shortage of bluffs, rivers, waterfalls, and caves to explore in the area. Onyx Cave northwest of Eureka Springs is a popular destination to cool off on a hot summer day, or Twin Falls at Devil's Den State Park offers an intriguing combination of waterfalls and caves west of the Fayetteville / Bentonville area. Downtown Eureka Springs is not to be missed either. This historic resort town is filled with winding streets and old Victorian-style hotels and houses. Stay the night at one of their many classic hotels and cabins, or plan a memorable day trip to eat on one of the many patios overlooking downtown. The city is known for its seasonal events as well, and the summer months are packed with blues, folk and jazz festivals as well as their famous Mardi Gras celebration. 

Ozarks Gateway Ride

See a little bit of everything the Ozarks has to offer with this three hour loop through Northwest Arkansas. We'll begin the ride in Fayetteville, home to the University of Arkansas. There are several quality restaurant options in the area to begin or end a ride with. Check out Smitty's Garage for bison burgers, or grab a slice at Wood Stone Craft Pizza. When you're ready to head out of town, take 15th Street / Highway 16 southeast towards Elkins, AR. You'll pass by Lake Sequoyah Park on the way. Consider a stop at the Lake Sequoyah Trailhead to see the falls just below the lake. Continue on through Elkins as you follow the White River south to Brashears and St. Paul, AR. In Crosses, AR along the way, there is a little roadside joint in the Pig Trail Bypass Country Cafe. Once you reach Brashears, you'll enter into the northern edge of Ozark National Forest. If you're feeling adventurous, take a detour south on Mill Creek Road to check out some rugged country if you have an ADV setup. Or, stay straight as the road turns into Highway 23 to continue on into St. Paul. At Hawkins Hollow, keep heading north on Highway 23 towards Huntsville, AR. This stretch of the road follows War Eagle Creek through more hilly, wooded Ozark country.

When you arrive in Huntsville, stay on Highway 23 north, and be sure to pull off at the well-known biker stop in the area called the Crossbow Restaurant. Or if you want to check out some top-rated BBQ served on paper plates, take a short detour west on Route 412 to Sugar Boogers in Marble, AR. When ready, stay on 23 out of town as you pass Withrow Springs State Park. This quiet stop features clear natural springs and a nearby camping area. There is plenty to explore up ahead in the Mcllroy State Game Management Area as well. Over 14,000 acres of winding rock roads and natural wonders greet visitors just to the east of Highway 23. Of particular note is the 15 ft. Glory B Falls and the Kings River Overlook. Just outside the management area is another popular waterfall called Tea Kettle Falls. When you're finished exploring the Kings River wilderness, turn back north on 23 to ride to Eureka Springs, AR.

Eureka Springs is a unique Ozarks town and old resort destination built around natural hot springs. Its downtown area is worth a visit to see the hilly, winding streets and old Victorian-style buildings. Once you ride into town, take a short detour left onto Route 62 to visit the biker-friendly Rockin' Pig Saloon. Aside from the authentic atmosphere, the joint features an extensive menu so you won't leave hungry. There is a lot more to do in town, and we'll have more Eureka Springs sites to see in the other routes below. When you're finished exploring downtown, head north on Route 62, and consider a stop at Razorback Tower to get a birds eye view of the area. Lake Leatherwood City Park is nearby as well. The Beecham hiking trail in the park offers views of the dam and waterfall on West Leatherwood Creek. Don't miss epic views of the White River valley at Inspiration Point, and then cross over the river into Busch, AR on the White River Bridge. There is another biker bar off to the left on 187 called the T&A Saloon. Stay on Route 62 through Gateway, AR as you ride along the Missouri / Arkansas border. The road curves back south towards an excellent stop for history buffs.  

The Pea Ridge Military Park is the well-preserved site of a large Civil War battle. You can even undertake a short driving tour of the battlefield if you stop. When you're finished on the battleground, continue on Route 62 to arrive in Bentonville, AR. This city houses the headquarters of Walmart, and you can stop into the old Walton's 5-10 store to see how the giant retailer got its start. The Crystal Bridges Art Museum is another must-see stop in the area. This unique art museum situated in Enfield Park is surrounded by miles of wooded park trails. There are plenty of sites to see even if you don't go into the museum itself. Fred's Hickory Inn west of the park is a solid stop for outdoor dining with steaks, BBQ and Italian all on the menu. Finish up the ride by jumping on Interstate 49 south back to Fayetteville.  

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Downtown Eureka Springs is nestled in the hills of the Ozarks. (source)
Climb the observation tower to get a look at the hills around Eureka Springs. (source)
You'll cross over Leatherwood Creek on Highway 62 outside Eureka Springs. (source)
There are several natural spring parks around downtown Eureka Springs. (source)

The War Eagle / Eureka Springs

The War Eagle is a pretty epic name for a motorcycle route, and this three hour loop does not disappoint. You'll ride through the small town of War Eagle known for its long standing mill, and then circle up to one of the Ozark's unique cities in Eureka Springs. Begin the route by riding east of Fayetteville on Highway 16, and then take a left to head north on 265. Next, take a right on East Mission Boulevard to ride out of town towards Goshen, AR. You'll cross the Twin Bridges into Goshen, and cruise over to Mayfield, AR on Highway 45. Once you reach Mayfield, take a left onto Highway 303 to ride past the quarry and up to Spring Valley, AR. Take a short jaunt east on the 412, and then get back onto 303 heading north. More hills and hollows await as you approach another section of the White River. Highway 303 becomes High Sky Inn Road as you ride into War Eagle. Once you cross the scenic War Eagle Bridge, pull off for a photo and visit the War Eagle Mill to see a working gristmill from the 1800s. The main highlight of this stop might be the homestyle restaurant that uses products from the mill to feed visitors on site.  

Stay on Highway 98 after you've seen the mill to enter Hobbs State Park. This is Arkansas' largest state park at 12,054 acres, and it offers a wealth of hiking trails and remote camping opportunities within the hilly country. When you come to a fork into the road, and turn right onto Highway 12 to pass by the park visitors center. Shortly after the park headquarters, take a quick detour north to see War Eagle Cavern. This large cave is situated on the southern shore of Beaver Lake. This man made lake offers a ton of recreation opportunities including fishing and boating. Its 487 miles of shoreline weave in and out of valleys and limestone bluffs, so there are plenty of coves to explore away from the central lake area. If you're feeling adventurous, consider exploring some of the lake roads north of Highway 127 / Highway 12 as you ride towards West Liberty, AR. When you reach Highway 23, take a left to pass through West Liberty on the way to Eureka Springs. 

Once in town, you'll ride through the distinct downtown area carved into the hills. Park to check out one of the many restaurants featuring outdoor patios, or ride down Spring Street to see the natural springs sites from the town's early days as a resort destination. At the north edge of town, you'll pass by the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway Museum. Loop up to Beaver, AR by taking a left onto Highway 187, and then cross the Beaver Bridge over the White River into town. Next, head back to Eureka Springs through Busch, AR over the White River Bridge up to Inspiration Point. Make sure to pull off for a photo opp at the overlook. Right before you get back into town, check out the Rowdy Beaver for a bite if you didn't eat downtown, and walk back to Gotahold Brewing for a beer garden set in the nearby hills. When you're finished in Eureka Springs, it's time to head back south to Fayetteville through West Liberty the same way we came up. However, this time stay on Highway 23 until you meet up with Route 412 just north of Huntsville, AR. There is no shortage of scenery on the way, so enjoy the ride. Finally, head back west on 412 and then Highway 45 to complete the loop.

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Riding the winding streets of downtown Eureka Springs is a blast. (source)
Stop off in downtown Eureka Springs to browse the shops and grab a bite to eat. (source)
You'll know you're in War Eagle when you see the old mill. (source)
Ride across the War Eagle Bridge before you stop for breakfast or lunch at the mill. (source)

Alpena Loop

Top off your tank for a full tour of the Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri Ozarks on this four hour loop. Begin by riding north on Interstate 49 out of Fayetteville on your way to Bentonville. Next, take the 71B exit towards Rogers, AR, and then jump on Highway 12 headed out of town. Before you leave Rogers, take a short detour south on 2nd Street for a burger at Levi's Gastrolounge or wings and pizza at The Rail. Back on Highway 12, you'll head east through Dream Valley to see Beaver Lake. This lake features hundreds of little coves and hilly draws to explore. Cross the bridge over the lake and enjoy the ride. You'll enter Hobbs State Park, and feel free to take a side road through the remote area if you need a little escape. As we mentioned on the previous route, War Eagle Cavern is right off 12 by the side of the lake. When you link up with Highway 23, take it up north to Eureka Springs. You'll pass by Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on the way that features lions, tigers and big cats. 

Once in Eureka Springs, stay on 23 through the center of town. Pull off on Spring Street to check out the Balcony Bar & Restaurant in the Basin Park Hotel. Then continue on Highway 23 towards the Arkansas / Missouri state line. Before you cross over, there is a must-see biker-friendly stop at the SwitchBack Bar – Boyum's Bike Resort. This unique meet-up spot is run by its owners Keri and Andy, and they've created a laid-back atmosphere with regular live music. You might even roll through during one of their frequent biker events. Right across the state line into Missouri, you can grab a bite at State Line BBQ if you haven't eaten yet. Up next, explore more lake country, this time in the Missouri Ozarks. Take a right onto Highway 86 east towards Table Rock Lake and Branson, MO. You'll cross the Kings River on the way, and then ride through Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. Be sure to pull off and check out the local waterfalls on Dogwood Creek. Stay on Highway 86 as it dips south and then back north past Blue Eye, MO. Soon you'll see the marinas and resorts common on Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock Lake is a popular recreation destination famous for its trout fishing and boating opportunities as well as surrounding golf courses. Cross the lake on 86 until you link up with Route 65. There are a couple detour opportunities if you head north on 65 from here. Table Rock Lake State Park offers views of the Table Rock Dam, and you can ride over the dam on the highway. Or you're about an hour away from the one of the kind destination known as Branson. This city is the entertainment capital of the Ozarks, and it offers plenty of southern charm alongside campy tourist traps. The area even has its own Ozark-themed park called Silver Dollar City. It is certainly worth a ride through the area if you've never been. Otherwise, stay on Route 65 south back over the state line. Highway 65 offers an easy, fun ride through the hills past Harrison, AR. Jump on Route 412 west at Bear Creek Springs to begin the final part of this loop. 

You'll cross over Long Creek and ride into the small Ozark town of Alpena, AR. Pull off at the Top Rock Diner for a small town feel right along the river. Then stay on 412 south towards Carrollton, AR as you ride through rural country back towards Fayetteville. There is another rustic BBQ stop at Berserker Barbecue in Marble, AR as well as fishing available on the Big Onion Creek at Kings River. Keep on cruising down the 412 until you cross the White River and arrive back in Fayetteville to finish the loop.

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Table Rock Lake provides great riding opportunities just north of the Arkansas border. (source)
Beaver Lake features rocky bluffs along the shoreline. (source)
Once you ride back into Arkansas, you'll cruise through the small town of Alpena. (source)

Bikes, Blues & BBQ – Elm To Eureka Springs

Explore more scenic Ozark country as you cross over into Southwestern Missouri in this four and a half hour loop. In mid-June, Eureka Springs hosts their annual Blues Weekend, which is a great excuse to visit this historic town and ride the nearby country. Or visit Fayetteville, AR for their famous Bikes, Blues & BBQ charity rally. We once again begin in Fayetteville, but this time take Highway 112 out of town to Elm Springs, AR. Highway 112 will give you a break from the interstate as you ride by farms and sloping Ozark hills. Stop in Cave Springs, AR to see the natural springs and waterfalls right off 112. Soon you'll enter the west side Bentonville, and there is a solid breakfast stop in The Buttered Bisket at I Street on the corner of 112 and Highway 12. Keep riding north through town until you take a left on Highway 72. At the intersection of Highway 72 and 279, hang a right to tackle more winding roads towards Lake Windsor. Take another right onto Highway 340 to ride by the Lake Windsor Dam. You can pull off the highway to get a closer look at the dam if you need a break. The road snakes through more Ozark hills and forests until you take a left onto Highway 94 to cross into Missouri.

Once you cross the state line, Highway 94 becomes Route E, and you'll follow it all the way to Highway 90. Once there, take a right on 90 to head north along Pine Creek. We've marked a little detour north on the map if you have an ADV setup and want to tackle some rural roads for a change of pace. Otherwise, cross Big Sugar Creek to ride through Cove, MO on Highway 90. When you reach Washburn, take a left to head south on Highway 37. There is a small lunch spot in Vic's Cafe along the highway here if you're hungry. Stay on 37 south as you pass through Seligman, MO and enter back into Arkansas. Hang a left onto Route 62 at Gateway, AR, and consider a stop at Devil's Eyebrow to chill by the creek and stretch your legs. You'll take 62 all the way back into Eureka Springs, and don't miss Inspiration Point just after you cross the White River Bridge. As we mentioned earlier, Eureka Springs is a worthy stop for the historic downtown and rich live music and restaurant scene. When finished, jump on Highway 23 south out of town to begin the next part of the loop.

Along the way on 23, the 2 Wheels Grill offers a motorcycle-friendly stop with a deck and stage overlooking the nearby hills. Pass through West Liberty, and then take a left on Highway 12 / 127 towards War Eagle. This time we'll stay on Highway 12 to explore another section of the massive Beaver Lake area. Cross the bridge over the lake towards Prairie Creek, AR, and consider a detour up to the Prairie Creek Marina for more views of the area. When you arrive back in Rogers, take the scenic route south down Highway 265. Make a stop in Rogers to see the Daisy Airgun Museum, or try a local craft brew at the Ozark Beer Company. Highway 265 will take you through Springdale, AR, and if you time your ride right, you can check out some classic cowboy action at the Rodeo of the Ozarks. Pass by Lake Fayetteville and then down into the city to complete the loop.   

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You'll begin this route to Eureka Springs in Fayetteville, AR.
Basin Spring Park in Eureka Springs showcases one of many natural springs. (source)
You'll cross back into Arkansas just after the small town of Seligman, MO. (source)
Finish the ride in Rogers, AR at the Daisy Airgun Museum. (source)

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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