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Tear up the North Georgia mountains with Helen GA motorcycle rides from REVER. Helen is a small town in northern Georgia that captures the unique alpine charm of German Bavaria. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, motorcycle rides near Helen GA take you through deep forests and along rushing rivers dotted with scenic waterfalls. We have selected both pavement and ADV roads to offer a little bit of everything, so pick a route below and gear up for adventure in Helen, GA!

Tips For The Best Motorcycle Rides Near Helen GA

Get more out of Helen GA motorcycle rides by downloading the REVER app. You can open epic motorcycle routes all over the world, track your own rides and try out unique challenges to push your limits. It is free to download, and you can get started right away. However for the best riding experience, you're going to need REVER Pro. You'll get a birds eye view of each route in 3D, see points of interest as you ride, and tap into live weather radar and alerts wherever you go. Pair this with a world of Pro Perks, and you'll be prepared for the best motorcycle rides in North GA.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are the coolest part of Georgia climate-wise, and they make for a nice escape from the humid regions in the southern part of the state. The summers can still be hot, even in the mountains, so don't forget critical gear like hydration packs and cooling vests. We've selected several ADV routes around Georgia, so if you're planning on hitting the dirt, make sure your adventure touring gear is up to snuff before you go.

Helen Attractions

Helen is a small slice of Bavaria in the USA, and you can visit all throughout September and October to experience Oktoberfest while sampling German beers and authentic cuisine. Helen even features its own Georgia Mountain Coaster that was built by a German company to match the long mountain coasters found in the Alps. Outside of town, numerous breathtaking waterfalls await including Anna Ruby Falls, Dukes Creek Falls, Raven Cliff Falls and Horsetrough Falls. Finish off a day of riding by visiting one of the nearby wineries like Sweet Acre Farms, Creekstone Winery, Habersham Winery and Fox Winery. Of course no visit to Helen is complete without eating some authentic German food, and there are several German-style restaurants in town including Bodensee Restaurant, Hofbrauhaus Restaurant & Pub, Old Bavaria Inn Restaurant and Old Heidelberg Restaurant & Pub. Prost!

Dahlonega Wilderness Loop

Head out on this fun little hour-long loop in the mountains southwest of Helen. This route is perfect for riders of every skill, and it takes you through picturesque scenery in the Blue Mountains that you won't soon forget. We begin this route in Dahlonega, GA. This small mountain town was the site of America's second gold rush in 1829. You can tour several of the old gold mines in the area, and the city holds a Gold Rush Days Festival in mid October. To start, ride north out of town on Highway 19 past Lake Zwerner until you get to Stonepile Gap. The Cherokee Princess Trahlyta is buried here, and you can offer a stone up on the pile for good luck. Then take Highway 9 northeast towards Turners Corner, GA. Highway 9 meets up with Highway 129 as you cross the Chestatee River, and consider a stop for some pub food along the river at the Riverside Tavern at Turners Corner. When you're finished, take 129 east towards Cleveland, GA. Once you get into town, the route continues south on the 129 Bypass, but you'll definitely want to take a detour up north on Highway 75 to see Helen. Before you get to Helen, there is a scenic overlook at Mt. Yonah if you're up for a short hike.

Helen is a very small town with a population of only 450, but there is a lot to see when you ride into the area. Downtown is situated on the Chattahoochee River, and there are numerous German-style restaurants to try for some can't-miss authentic fare. If you're ready for a thrill off your bike, try out the Georgia Mountain Coaster. Only have time for a short stop? The Bavarian-style buildings that make up much of the town's architecture are still something to see if you're pressed for time. There is hiking and camping available north of town at Unicoi State Park as well as swimming at Unicoi Lake if you want to see more of Helen's natural beauty. Once you're finished in Helen, ride back down to Cleveland to continue the loop. Take Highway 115 west for a short jaunt out of town, and then hang a right onto Asbury Mill Road. You'll ride a fun little scenic section just south of the Chestatee River and then link back up with Highway 115. Jump back on the highway west through Garland, GA, and don't miss some small roadside BBQ at Farm House Produce along the road. Finally, you'll cross back over the Chestatee River and cruise into Dahlonega to wrap up the loop.

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Helen, GA is known for its Bavarian-style buildings. (source)
The Chattahoochee River runs through downtown Helen. (source)
Cruise into Helen in the fall for Oktoberfest.
Anna Ruby Falls is a high waterfall outside of Helen. (source)

Nimblewill To Suches ADV

Get ready to get dusty on this hour and a half ADV route from Nimblewill to Suches, GA. We begin the route in Nimblewell just west of Dahlonega, GA. Take Forest Service Road 28-1 north out of this tiny town, and stay right at the fork with Bull Mountain Road. You'll pass over Jones Creek, and then veer right at another fork with Winding Stair Gap Road. Up next is a crossing at Moss Creek, and afterward the road will turn east to meet up with Hightower Church Road. Hang a left to continue north, and once you reach Camp Merrill, take Cooper Gap Road north to stay on the route.

Things get really exciting here as you climb up the side of Sassafras Mountain at 3340 ft. You'll pass over Cooper Gap to the east of Sassafras Mountain, and keep an eye out for hikers on the Appalachian Trail that runs along here. At the four way intersection, turn right onto Blue Ridge Road to ride a little draw up to another high ridge. Get ready for some serious winding roads as you tackle this rugged section through Locust Gap and Cane Creek Gap. Pass over the Appalachian trail again at Gooch Gap, and then ride down into the valley towards Suches, GA. Stay right at the fork with Wildhog Creek Road, and follow the creek down to meet up with Highway 60 at Woody Lake. This completes the route, and you can either take Highway 60 north up to Blue Ridge, GA or south back to Dahlonega when you're ready for a break.

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You'll pass over Nimblewell Creek on your way to Suches, GA. (source)
This ride will take you through the forested hills of Chattooga County. (source)
Explore the creeks and falls of the Nimblewell area. (source)
Sassafras Mountain is a prominent feature in the area. (source)

Coopers ADV Loop

Gear up for a thorough exploration of the mountain roads west of Helen with this three and a half hour ADV loop. You'll start the route just west of Vogel State Park where Wolf Pen Gap Road meets Duncan Ridge Road. The scenery is breathtaking here, so take a moment before you head northwest on Duncan Ridge Road up to Wildcat Gap. You'll pass by Coosa Bald at 4300 ft. off to your right. Up next, ride along a high ridge past Buckeye Knob at 3820 ft., and then proceed down into the Coopers Creek Wildlife area. Stay on Duncan Ridge Road all the way until you meet up with Mulky Gap Road. Hang a left to continue on the route towards Cooper Creek. When you meet up with the waterway, there is a recreation area nearby, and this section is famous for its well-stocked trout fishing. Stay right on Mulky Gap Road past the Cooper Creek Campground, and feel free to stop off at any of the creek bends to relax by the water. Take a left when Mulky Gap Road ends to continue east on Cooper Creek Road.

Soon you'll arrive at the town of Cooper Creek, and jump on Highway 60 east for a short jaunt past the Deep Hole Recreation Area until you take a left on Rock Creek Road. As you head south, Rocky Mountain lies to the east at 3100 ft. There is also a short waterfall hike along the road at Little Rock Creek Falls Trailhead. Keep riding south past the Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery and Rock Creek Lake. Eventually you'll meet up with Blue Ridge Road, and take a hard left to head back east through Mauldin Gap. Plenty of epic views await as you ride the ridge along the Appalachian Trail. Wind around Sassafras Mountain at 3340 ft. and then up and over Cooper Gap. At the four way intersection at the gap, stay straight on Blue Ridge Road / Coopers Gap Road east. You'll hit a switchback up and over another mountain, and then ascend up another high ridge to meet up with Grassy Gap Road. Stay north on Blue Ridge Road to enter a valley with a small town known as Sarah, GA.

Once you reach Suches, GA, the ADV portion ends, but there is still one more exciting section to explore. Take a short jaunt north on Highway 60 into town, and then hang a right on Wolf Pen Gap Road / Highway 180. You'll ride through several small valleys, and after a short wooded section at Panther Gap, pull off at little roadside dive called Bootleggers Grille for some eats. Up next, cruise over the Lake Winfield Scott Dam and head back up into higher country along Jarrard Creek. Finally you'll arrive back at where you started on the loop. You can finish the ride by stretching your legs at the Sosebee Cove Scenic Area, or head back towards Vogel State Park to relax by Lake Trahlyta.  

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Ride up and over Wolf Pen Gap on this route.
Little Rock Creek Falls is near Suches, GA. (source)
You'll ride by Wildcat Mountain on Wolf Pen Gap Road. (source)
This ride offers exciting twists and turns through the Blue Ridge Mountains. (source)

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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