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Put on your shades and get ready to soak up the sun with motorcycle rides in South Florida as selected by REVER. South Florida is the only part of the continental United States with a tropical climate, and that alone is worth the visit. From the blue waters of the Florida Keys to the alluring beaches of Miami, South Florida feels more like the Caribbean than the US at times. As a bonus, South Florida is a very accessible destination to visit. Everything is within a two to four hour drive, so you can see and do a lot in just a day. The REVER team has covered mile after mile to discover the best motorcycle rides in South Florida. Below we've selected some of our favorites, and we're sure they'll rank at the top of your list once you ride them as well.

Tips For The Best Motorcycle Rides In South Florida

South Florida may be a smaller region compared to some areas in the US, but you don't want to miss out on the best motorcycle rides in South Florida when you visit. The REVER App is the perfect companion on any road trip, and it is free to download. You'll be able to open our hand-picked routes, join communities to meet fellow riders in your area, and even track your own routes to share with your buddies. But if you want to get serious about motorcycle rides in South Florida, check out everything REVER Pro has to offer. You'll get live weather radar and alerts, turn by turn navigation, mobile route planning and so much more.  

Before heading out on motorcycle routes in South Florida, we should briefly discuss hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November. If you're visiting the area around that time, it's wise to have a plan B if you need to leave the area quickly due to an approaching storm. Fortunately dangerous storms are identified well before they hit, and you can adjust your plans accordingly. Even if there isn't the threat of a hurricane, South Florida is known for its downpours. Be sure to pack breathable rain gear for South Florida motorcycle rides. Aside from the rain, Florida is known as a great destination for riders of every skill level. So pick a route, enjoy the journey and don't forget those motorcycle shades! Click over for more planning tips before you go with Route Planning With Ride'n With Rick.

South Florida Attractions

South Florida is a premier destination for baseball fans in the spring. The Cardinals, Marlins, Astros, Nationals, Twins and Red Sox all have Spring Training facilities in the area. At the tip of the state, Everglades National Park is a once in a lifetime riding destination in the area. We've picked out the perfect route you won't want to miss if the Everglades is on your wish list. Of course, no visit to South Florida is complete without hitting the beach. The Miami area and Treasure Coast offers some of the best beaches in America, so don't miss out!

Homestead To Key West

Ride an iconic stretch of highway over blue water in this three hour route from Homestead to Key West, FL. Motorcycle rides in Key West are an experience all their own. You get to tour islands miles off the coast and glide over the ocean with blue waves lapping against the bridge. The highlight of this ride is the Overseas Highway that takes you on an epic tour of the Florida Keys. The Overseas Highway began as a railroad bridge in 1912, but after a large hurricane destroyed a train on the rails in 1935, the route was converted to a narrow, white-knuckle highway. In the late 70s, a new highway was built right next to the old one to allow for more comfortable travel. Today as you ride the new Overseas Highway, you can see the old highway right next to it. But before we get out into the wide open ocean, our first ride begins in Homestead, FL. This city is a suburb south of Miami is a big agricultural area known for its farmers markets. It was also the base of operations when the railroad was first built to Key West. Before you head out, check out some famous BBQ in the area at Shiver's Bar-B-Q.

When you're ready to ride, head south out of town on Route 1. Soon you'll encounter the ocean on your way to Key Largo. There really aren't any turns to miss on this route. Simply follow the 1 until you reach Key West and run out of road. Along the way, you can stop to see sights like the Florida Reef in Key Largo, which is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental US. Kayaking, fishing and boat tours are popular attractions in the area. White sand beaches and parks await along the route when you need to stop and stretch your legs. The main riding attraction on this trip is the Seven Mile Bridge. The bridge represents one of the most iconic routes in the US, and you've no doubt seen it in several films and TV shows. The Seven Mile Bridge begins in Marathon, FL and stretches over seven miles of open water on the way to Big Pine Key and eventually Key West. Marathon is an excellent place to make a stop for seafood at restaurants like Sparky's Landing Fish and Cocktails or TJ's Tiki Bar.

When you reach the end of the Seven Mile Bridge, it's just a short drive to Key West. You'll pass through smaller islands like Ramrod Key, Summerland Key and Cudjoe Key. Finally, you'll reach the gem of the Florida Keys in Key West, FL. This 4 mile square island features a memorable collection of bars, seafood restaurants and museums. The local delicacy is conch fritters, which is worth a try if you're into seafood. Another can't-miss attraction in the area is the Ernest Hemingway House. Hemingway lived there with his second wife Pauline Pfeiffer as they fixed the once dilapidated house up into what is now a national historic landmark. Of note while you visit is the large population of abnormal-toed cats that live on the property. After you're finished at his house, stop over at Sloppy Joe's Bar that Hemingway frequented during his time in Key West. Finally, don't forget to visit the southernmost point in the continental US. This marker is the natural conclusion of all motorcycle rides in Key West. When you're finished in Key West, book a hotel for the night or turn back north and ride Route 1 back to Homestead.

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The Seven Mile Bridge to Key West is iconic route you won't want to miss. (source)
You'll see the small Pigeon Key along the Seven Mile Bridge.
Sloppy Joe's is a Key West institution and was once a favorite hangout of Ernest Hemingway. (source)
Stop by the Hemingway House in Key West to see the writer's home. (source)

Homestead To Flamingo Visitor Center – Everglades National Park

Homestead, FL is the jumping off point for another must-see motorcycle ride on our list. This time the route heads west on a short 45 minute ride to the Flamingo Visitor Center in Everglades National Park. This tropical wetlands area is formed from water draining as far north as Orlando, FL, and the area is unlike anywhere else found on earth. Since the area is primarily filled with swamp land, there are very few roads in the area. However, the route along State Highway 9336 takes you through the unique landscape to the southern tip of the Everglades. Note there are very few services and no restaurants along the way. Make sure to fuel up in Homestead before you go. Schnebly Relands Winery & Brewery just north of Highway 9336 in Homestead offers solid brunch and lunch options if you're hungry.

Begin the ride by heading west on Highway 9336 out of Homestead. You can check out some local creatures at Everglades Alligator Farm, or ride to the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center just out of town. The main park road winds through the area, and there are several camping and hiking options along the way. Soon you'll pass by West Lake on your left, and the coast and Flamingo Visitors Center is not far away. At the visitors center, there are restrooms and overlooks where you just might see some manatees in the area. There is also a nearby trail where you can walk near the coast to check out the area. Flooding may close some areas of the park at times, so check conditions before you go. You can visit the NPS Everglades National Park site for more info. When you're finished, ride back up to Homestead for a big seafood dinner.

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The road from Homestead to the east side of the Everglades is like none other. (source)
When you run out of road, check out the Flamingo Visitor Center. (source)
The Everglades landscape makes for a great ride setting. (source)
Take one of the many hiking trails along the route to see more of the park. (source)

Miami To Boca Raton

Take a near two hour ride from Miami to Boca Raton, FL is this coastal beauty of a route. Miami is the cultural epicenter of South Florida, and it is well known for its hot nightclubs, top-rated restaurants and unforgettable beaches. Motorcycle rides in Miami are an attraction all on their own, and nothing beats riding along some of the best beaches in America. Miami sits just east of the Everglades, and since solid land is a bit of a premium in this area, it is a very concentrated metro area. If you're staying in the area, be sure to catch a Marlins, Dolphins or Heat game if the team is playing in town. Now let's get to the route. Begin just north of Miami Beach and Surfside by Bal Harbor Beach. You'll ride north along the A1A, and there are beautiful beaches aplenty on your right. Hollywood Beach has a boardwalk along the way with several restaurants and shops nestled right against the beach. When you reach Dania Beach, be sure to check out the nearby pier, and then go for a ride up Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park for more great views of the coast.

Circle back around west on E Dania Beach Boulevard, and then take Route 1 north by the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Hang a right at 17th Street to continue back on the A1A along the coast. As you turn back north on the A1A, you'll ride by the canals of Fort Lauderdale. This city is nicknamed the “Venice of America” due to its miles of canals near the coast. Soon you'll pass by Lighthouse Point, and make a quick stop at Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse for a photo opp. Next up is Boca Raton, FL to complete the point A to B ride. Pull off at Red Reef Park to explore another popular beach destination in the area.  

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Miami is famous for its neon nightclubs.
Canals cut through downtown Miami. (source)
Miami stretches out along the southern coast of Florida. (source)
You'll complete this ride in Boca Raton. (source)

Indian River Loop

Tour the Treasure Coast and ride along the Indian River in this gem of a two hour loop. The area around Port St. Lucie and Sebastian / Vero Beach is known as the Treasure Coast. The Spanish Treasure Fleet was lost in this region during a 1715 hurricane, and it's now the affectionate title locals use to distinguish this area from the Space Coast up north and Miami down south. As for the Indian River, it is a defining feature of the Atlantic coastal area of Florida. It is actually more of a lagoon and less of a river in most parts. The water is brackish, which means it is a mix of salt and fresh water. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and waterside parks to keep you occupied on this scenic ride. The route begins near Port St. Lucie at Sewall's Point, FL. You'll ride north on the scenic Florida A1A for much of this route.

When you reach Fort Pierce, FL, consider a stop at the Fort Pierce Jetty to stretch your legs. Then take the jog over the Indian River into Fort Pierce and then back out again onto the coast. You'll stay on the A1A the whole time, so follow the signs. When back on the coast, Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park is nearby which is known for its manatee sightings. When you turn back north, you'll ride by the Navy SEALS Museum located right next to a former SEALS training beach. Fort Pierce also features some top rated Mexican at Taco Dive, or waterside live music at On The Edge Bar & Grill. North of the city, Avalon State Park sports a stretch of undeveloped beach if you want to get away from the crowds for a minute. Continue along the coast until you reach Vero Beach, FL. Then turn left on Highway 656 or the 17th Street Bridge to cross over to the mainland.  

In Vero Beach, visit the McLarty Treasure Museum to learn more about why locals call this area the Treasure Coast. When you're ready to eat, check out Ono Luau for Polynesian food, or pop into Mrs. Mac's Fillin' Station for a grease monkey theme with a classic roadside diner feel. Next, begin the second half of the loop by riding south on Route 1. You'll pass by where you crossed over at Fort Pierce, and head back east towards the bridge, but this time take a right on South Indian River Drive. You'll be treated to great views of the Indian River as you take the road all the way back to Port St. Lucie to finish the loop.

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You'll cross many bridges on the route like this one at Fort Pierce. (source)
It is called the Indian River, but it is really more like a long, brackish lagoon. (source)
The Navy SEALS once trained at Fort Pierce. (source)

Tamiami Trail

Explore a section of one of Florida's earliest highways in this point to point hour and a half ride on the Tamiami Trail. This route was originally constructed in 1928 to take travelers from Tampa to Miami, FL. You could easily consider this route a Central Florida ride as well, but since it begins in Venice Beach, FL, we'll categorize it as a South Florida ride. Before you head out, be sure to visit the Venice Beach coast. Aside from its big white sand beaches, this area is known for its fossilized shark teeth that wash up on shore. When you're ready to take off, head north on the Tamiami Trail or Highway 41 towards downtown Venice. Gold Rush BBQ is along the way if you don't want to ride on an empty stomach. You'll pass over the Venetian Waterway as you head north out of town.

If you're in the mood for a detour, you can cross back over to the coast on Highway 72 to Sarasota Beach. Stop by the Siesta Key Oyster Bar for some fresh seafood with a view of the water. You can then ride north to Siesta Key and cross over the bridge back east on 758 to link back up with the Tamiami Trail. Otherwise continue along the trail as you ride by Sarasota Bay. Before you reach the Sarasota-Bradenton airport, head out west to the bay to see Ca d'Zan. This is the unique waterfront home of the circus king Ringling, and there are several museums nearby.

The Tamiami Trail will eventually take you into Bradenton, FL. Visit nearby Cortez Beach to relax, or consider catching a Pirates Spring Training game at LECOM Park. Bradenton features some great restaurant stops as well including seafood at Mattison's Riverwalk or German at the Lucky Frog. The nearby river walk is a good place to take a break and check out the Manatee river as well. Cross over the Manatee River Bridge to leave Bradenton, and continue north on the Tamiami Trail out of town to see rural coastal country. This area features several estuaries along Tampa Bay including Terra Ceia Preserve and Cockroach Bay. Take a left on Cockroach Bay Road, and then ride out to the Cockroach Bay Boat Ramp to explore the wetlands and end this ride.

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Stop at one of many white sand beaches along the Tamiami Trail.
You might just find fossilized shark teeth on Venice Beach. (source)
Siesta Key is known for its quartz sand that won't burn your feet on a sunny day. (source)
You'll finish up this ride near Cockroach Bay.

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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