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Get ready to explore the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle with this hand-picked collection of Pensacola motorcycle rides from REVER. Pensacola is a city rich with history, and its deep bay waters make it an ideal port location. The area has a rich military history, and it was so desired as a naval port the British even invaded it during the War of 1812. Today Pensacola is a popular tourist destination, and it is affectionately referred to as the “Emerald Coast” due to its bright green waters. Panhandle beaches are also famous for their fine white sand, and every ride on this list takes you past mile after mile of beautiful beaches. The REVER team has spent extensive time scouting the Pensacola area and Florida Panhandle to find routes that you'll never forget. So pick out a route below, gas up and hit the road.

Tips For The Best Motorcycle Rides In Pensacola FL

Florida is a world-class riding destination, and Pensacola motorcycle rides are open to riders of every skill level. However, both locals and visitors need an app that easily connects them to the best routes in the area. Fortunately, REVER is the perfect companion on any ride. You can join for free in seconds, and there are plenty of features to help you make the most of any trip. You can open our recommended rides, join communities to find nearby riders, and even track your own rides for bragging rights. But if you want to get serious about motorcycle rides in Pensacola, FL, REVER Pro is for you. Plan routes in 3D, discover twisty scenic routes and points of interest, and send your friends and family live updates as you ride. There is no better way to tour the Florida Panhandle!

If you're hitting the Pensacola area, it is vital to prepare for rain. Each summer afternoon brings the chance of rain or even a heavy downpour. Rain gear is a must when you ride in the Florida Panhandle. After a rainstorm, you can expect hot, muggy temperatures during motorcycle rides in Pensacola, FL. So prepare with light, breathable riding gear. In the winter months, the Panhandle does not get as warm as the southern portion of the state, but there are still plenty of pleasant days. You will want to bring an extra layer for those colder winter days. Finally, don't forget your riding glasses! It is the sunshine state after all.

Pensacola Attractions

Pensacola is well known for its military heritage, and it is home to the Blue Angels Squadron. Learn about the history of the Blue Angels as well as US naval aviation at the National Naval Aviation Museum. For more naval history, be sure to visit Fort Barrancas that was the site of the first US naval yard founded in 1821. At the southwest part of the city near the coast, visit Big Lagoon State Park to see views of the unique bay and coastal areas of the Panhandle. Next, be sure to catch a Minor League Baseball game at the Blue Wahoos Ballpark near downtown along the bay. This park is regarded as one of the gems of Minor League Baseball, and it offers a great way to spend an afternoon in Pensacola. Oysters and red snapper are the local delicacies in the area, and if you're into seafood, there is no shortage of excellent restaurants in the area.

Pensacola Scenic Bluffs

Explore the entire Pensacola Bay area on a two hour ride through the city, beach and nearby scenic bluffs. You'll start this ride near the Bayou Texar in downtown Pensacola. The nearby Seville Historic District along the bay is a great place to grab lunch or dinner. Restaurants like Fish House & Atlas offer the opportunity to relax by the bay and eat some great seafood. When you're ready for the loop, take Route 90 east out of downtown to ride the Pensacola Bluffs Scenic Highway north towards Pace, FL. There are plenty of great views of Escambia Bay to your right. Soon you'll come to the Escambia and Simpson River delta that includes a ride over the Escambia River Bridge. Soon you be surrounded with the swamps and bayous of the area. Stay on 90 through Pace on your way east to Milton, FL.  

The Milton area is at the mouth of another river feeding into the greater Pensacola bay, this time the Blackwater River. Before you cross the bridge, visit Boomerang Pizza Kitchen for a retro diner feel, or grab a burger at the aviation-inspired Brew Angels pub. You can also stretch your legs along the Milton Riverwalk. As you leave Milton, take a right onto Highway 87. You'll cross two more local rivers and pass by Elgin Air Force Base on your way to Navarre, FL.

Once in Navarre, stop by Scooter's Fish House for some quick seafood, or sit down for some pub food at Johnny Huston's Grille. Cross the Navarre Beach Causeway and gear up for mile after mile of white sand beaches and emerald green waters along Florida State Highway 399. This 23 mile scenic road runs from Navarre Beach to Pensacola Beach. You'll take it west back towards Pensacola, and it is the only road in and out of Navarre Beach, so you can't get lost. Feel free to stop along the way to put your toes in the sand as there are plenty of parking areas. You'll find both crowded beaches and quieter areas along the shore.  

Before you cross the Three Mile Bridge north into Gulf Breeze, FL, the Casino Beach area offers a solid collection of restaurants right along the water. This area is called Casino Beach because a popular gambling destination was once located here. For a memorable detour, you can continue west along the peninsula to see Fort Pickens. This fort from the early 1800s was constructed to defend the naval yards and deep bay waters around Pensacola. Today you can still see the old batteries used to defend the area, and there are more white sand beaches to go along with the local history. For more information on the area, visit the NPS Gulf Islands website. When you're finished, take the Three Mile Bridge back into Pensacola to finish the route.

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They call Florida Panhandle the Emerald Coast for its green waters.
Fine white sand beaches meet emerald waters in Pensacola.
Wrap a day of riding with a visit to the beach.
Fort Pickens is an old US fortification near Pensacola. (source)

Tallahassee To Panama Loop

Cruise the coast of the Florida Panhandle in this four and a half hour loop around Apalachicola National Forest. You'll begin in Tallahassee, FL, which is the state capitol and home to Florida State University. If you're a gear head, be sure to visit the nearby Tallahassee Antique Car Museum. This part of the country is famous for shellfish, so try some oysters at Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack before you ride out of town. The route begins on Highway 319 south towards Crawfordville, FL. South of Crawfordville, you'll link up with Route 98 that will take you all the way south to the coast. Don't miss the unique wetlands area known as Marshes Sands as you ride towards Ochlockonee Bay.

Once over the Ochlockonee Bay Bridge, stay on Highway 98 as it curves west along the coast. You'll pass by Wilson Beach and then enter a sparsely populated section of the state. After riding a long section of the coast, you'll arrive in Carrabelle, FL. Cross over the bridge onto the Big Bend Scenic Byway. This section of Florida is called the Big Bend because it curves far inland into the Apalachee Bay. Plenty more beaches and lighthouses await on this scenic highway. Up next, you'll ride into East Point and cross the John Gorrie Memorial Bridge over Apalachicola Bay. The bridge leads to the city of Apalachicola known for its oysters and scallops. Stop by The Station Raw Bar, Half Shell Dockside or Up the Creek Raw Bar to try out some of the local delicacies. Once out of town, stay right at the junction with Highway 30 to follow Route 98 away from the coast. But don't worry, you'll soon see ocean again when you get to Port St. Joe, FL.

Keep cruising up Route 98 to arrive in Panama City, FL. This popular spring break and sailing destination is the perfect escape all year round. For an odd detour, check out the Museum of Man in the Sea to learn about the history of diving. More oyster restaurants await in town at Gary's Oyster Shack and Gene's Oyster Bar. When Route 98 intersects with Highway 22, take 22 east out of Panama City towards Wewahitchka, FL. Take a left on Highway 71 north, and then ride up to Blountstown, FL. Once in town, take a right onto Highway 20 to cross the Apalachicola River on the Trammell Bridge. Before you get back to Tallahassee, you'll see Lake Talquin to your north. This 8,850 acre man-made lake is a fishing and boating paradise surrounded by wooded hills. You can pull off at Lake Talquin State Park to see more of the lake, or head back to Tallahassee to finish the loop.

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This ride will take you to the famous beaches in Panama City, FL.
The Ochlockonee Bay Bridge spans a mile over the bay on the Coastal Highway. (source)
The Hathaway Bridge takes you into Panama City Beach.
Before you wrap the ride in Tallahassee, you'll ride by Lake Talquin. (source)

Apalachicola National Forest Loop

Tour the deep forests of the Florida Panhandle in this three hour loop through Apalachicola National Forest. This remote area offers deep pine forests and cypress-lined rivers, and its a nice break from the bustle of the crowded beach towns. While our previous Tallahassee to Panama loop skirted around the Apalachicola National Forest, this loop will take you through the heart of the area. Begin in Apalachicola, FL, and head east on the John Gorrie Memorial Bridge over the bay. When you arrive at Green Point, take a left north onto Highway 65 to begin the Big Bend Scenic Highway Forest Trail. It doesn't take long to get into the deep forests and bayous of the area. You'll wind up north on 65 as you pass by Fort Gasden (also known as the Prospect Bluff Historic Site). This remote bluff next to the Apalachicola River was a natural meeting point in the area, and the British built a fort here during the war of 1812 to aid in their occupation of the Pensacola region.

Once you arrive in Sumatra, FL, take a left onto State Road 379. More isolated forest roads await as you pass by a popular fishing area at Wilder Bay. Camping is available nearby at the Big Gully Landing Campground. Stay on 379 as it becomes Highway 12, and then take a right onto 379A at Woods, FL. Take a little jog at Telogia, FL north onto Highway 20 east. At the small town of Bloxham near Lake Talquin, turn south onto Highway 375 to tour more of the national forest along the Ochlockonee River. Before you reach Sopchoppy, FL, take a right onto Highway 299 and enjoy the rural winding road through the forest. Ride between the north and south forks of the Ochlockonee Rivers to meet up with Route 319 south to the coast. When you arrive at Summer Camp Beach, turn west towards Carrabelle, FL. Take a short detour to the banks of the Carrabelle River to eat at Two Brothers – Dockside. This divey spot offers plenty of old school charm by the river. Finally, wrap the loop by riding more coastline back down to Apalachicola.

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This ride winds through the Apalachicola National Forest.
The Apalachicola National Forest is home to deep pine forests. (source)
You'll cross Apalachicola Bay on the John Gorrie Memorial Bridge. (source)
The Big Bend Scenic Byway will take you over waterways like the Ochlockonee River.

Scenic 30A / Choctawhatchee Bay Loop

Soak up the Florida sun as you ride through laid back beach towns along the Scenic 30A highway, and then explore the banks of Choctawhatchee Bay on this two hour loop east of Pensacola. The Scenic 30A begins at Rosemary Beach and Inlet Beach, FL just off of Highway 98. You'll head west along the 30A for a good portion of this loop through smaller beach towns. Stop at The Hub in Watersound, FL or Old Florida Fish House for some outdoor dining in the warm ocean air. Plenty of beaches await along this route as well, and they are generally less crowded than those in larger towns like Panama City, FL. The next town on this ride is Grayton Beach, and there is camping available nearby at the Grayton Beach State Park Campground. A solid lunch spot is nearby at the Grayton Beer Brewpub as well, or check out some live music at AJs' Grayton Beach. Stop to stretch your legs and explore Topsail Hill State Park on your way out of town.

The next stop along the 30A is Miramar Beach and Destin, FL. This spring break and vacation destination is known for its fine sand beaches and emerald green water. You'll take a right on Highway 293 to continue the loop, but consider a detour to the Destin Harbor Boardwalk for a meal if you're hungry. Highway 293, or the Spence Parkway, consists of the Mid-Bay Bridge that stretches 11 miles over the Choctawhatchee Bay. Note this bridge is a tollway, so come prepared as there is no alternative route. Once you cross the bridge, exit right off the highway onto 20 east towards Choctaw Beach, FL. At the mouth of Basin Bayou, make a stop at Nick's Seafood Restaurant to try some gator tail. When you reach Highway 83A, take a winding route south also called the East and West Bay Loop. When you've completed the Bay Loop, take another right back onto Highway 20 towards Freeport, FL.

Once you pass through Freeport, get onto Highway 331 south to ride another bridge over the bay. You can pull off at Thomas Pilcher Park in the middle of the bay to check out views of the area. When Highway 331 ends, take Highway 98 east through the Point Washington State Forest until you arrive back at Inlet Beach and the beginning of the Scenic 30A.    

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This ride takes you through the popular spring break destination of Destin, FL.
The route begins near Rosemary Beach. (source)
Keep riding down the coast to see the large sand dunes at Grayton Beach. (source)
Destin has white sand beaches just like the rest of the Emerald Coast. (source)

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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