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Head to the Steel City to experience the best Pittsburgh motorcycle rides western Pennsylvania has to offer. Aside from its history as a steel manufacturing hub, Pittsburgh is known for its location at the site of three rivers – the Allegheny and Monongahela that meet to form the larger Ohio River. Motorcycle rides in Pittsburgh thread through many of the city's 446 bridges, which makes for a scenic ride no matter what part of town you're visiting. The REVER team has selected solid motorcycle rides around Pittsburgh that you won't want to miss. So gas up and pick a route below to get started.

Tips For The Best Motorcycle Rides Around Pittsburgh

The Steel City offers plenty of riding thrills, but if you want to experience the natural beauty outside of the city, you need to get REVER for motorcycle rides near Pittsburgh. It is free to download and you can get started right away tracking your own rides, joining local communities and exploring hand-picked routes put together by the REVER staff. Upgrade your experience and never miss a thing on motorcycle rides in Western PA with REVER Pro. For just a few bucks a month, you get turn by turn and voice navigation, weather alerts, 3D ride planning, points of interest notifications and so much more. REVER will ensure you pull off motorcycle rides in Pittsburgh, PA every time you head out.

The summers in Pittsburgh are very pleasant, and although they can be humid, the average temperature hovers around 80 degrees. The winters on the other hand can be brutal at times, and you'll want to reserve off-season rides for that occasional warmer day. Don't miss the fall foliage when the time comes as it makes for some unbelievable rides in the area. In the spring and summer, you can expect the occasional rain storm, so make sure you're outfitted in versatile touring gear. We've plotted out several rides in the Allegheny National Forest and nearby wild areas that you'll certainly want to check out. This remote forest area offers excellent fishing, hiking and camping opportunities, so don't forget the camping gear when you go.

Pittsburgh Attractions

Spend a day exploring the hills and river fronts of the Steel City before you head out on a ride. Pittsburgh features one of MLB's best stadiums in PNC Park. Take in views of downtown and the Roberto Clemente Bridge in the evening from the stands. In the fall, a ticket to see the Pittsburgh Steelers play is the hottest in town. Next, ride the Duquesne Incline up to Mount Washington to see memorable views of the three rivers area. This historic trolley has been operating since the 1870s, and it is still part of Pittsburgh's transportation system today. For a unique look at the history of everything on two wheels, make sure to visit the Bicycle Heaven museum. Finish up a tour of downtown with a visit to Point State Park where the three rivers meet. This park features a 150 ft. tall fountain, and it is the site of a historic fortification that predates The Revolutionary War called the Fort Pitt Block House. Finish up the day with a visit to Primanti Bros., Pittsburgh's famous sandwich shop.

MotoAmerica Pittsburgh South

This first route kicks off at Pittsburgh International Race Complex, and you can pair a race day event like MotoAmerica with a ride through scenic Beaver County and then tour river country in Ohio and West Virginia. From the race complex, head back south into Koppel, PA, and then turn west on Highway 351 to cross over the interstate into New Galilee, PA. Highway 351 ends in town, and you'll take a left onto Highway 168 south to ride to Darlington, PA. Just off 168, check out the race-themed Greersburg Tavern for some solid pub food and great atmosphere. Back on Highway 168, keep cruising south until you run into Lisbon Road. Hang a right and then a quick left onto Fredericktown Road to cross over into Ohio. Once in Fredericktown, turn left on Highway 170 to cross the Little Beaver Creek and ride some windy roads through the local forest. Once you get to Calcutta, OH, stay on 170 through town and jump on Highway 30 south towards East Liverpool, OH. In this next section, scenic bluffs and river towns await along the Ohio River.

East Liverpool is an old manufacturing town along the river with a large collection of historic buildings and old pottery factories. Cruise the Diamond Historic District to see the old brick buildings around downtown. Then head west out of town on Highway 7 to continue on the route. Ride along the river bluffs and down into Wellsville, OH on the Ohio River Scenic Byway. Outside of town, you'll cross over Yellow Creek into more hills and wooded country along the river. Along the way you'll see the New Cumberland Locks and Dam out in the river. Continue on through Stratton and Toronto, OH on the scenic byway. If you're hungry, pull off into downtown Toronto to eat at Baby-Boyz BBQ in an old historic brick building. The nearby Newburg Landing provides great views of the river and bluffs if you need a break. Your next stop is Steubenville, OH, and if you want to explore downtown, historic Fort Steuben is a preserved military fort first established in the late 1700s. Just west of the fort, Froehlich's Classic Corner is a unique restaurant in the restored Ohio Power Building. When you're ready to move on, cross the Veterans Memorial Bridge into West Virginia.

Once over the Ohio River, you'll continue south on Highway 2 to explore more river bluffs in the area. The next destination is Wellsburg, WV, and enjoy this last section along the Ohio River before the route cuts inland. In Wellsburg, there is a WWII museum along the river that specializes in the Pacific campaign in Bataan and Corregidor. At the south part of town, take a left on Highway 67 along Buffalo Creek to ride up into the hills. On the outskirts of Bethany, WV, hang a left on Highway 88 to continue south. Pass through West Liberty and Clinton, WV, and then take a left onto Peters Run Road to ride a beautiful little remote section through the hills. When you hit Highway 40, turn left to ride into Triadelphia, WV. You'll cross back over into Pennsylvania at the town of West Alexander, and shortly after, take a left onto Cunningham Road to head back north towards Pittsburgh. Stay left at the fork in the road onto Highway 231. When you reach Acheson, PA, take a little jaunt west to stay on 231 through a scenic wooded ravine. Highway 231 links up with Highway 50 just south of Avella, PA, and once in town, you'll take Cross Creek Road to keep heading north. Stay on this road until you reach the town of Cross Creek, PA, and then hang a left onto Vance Drive. When you reach Langeloth Road, take a right into Burgettstown, PA.

More small towns await as you jump on Highway 18 north at Burgettstown. You'll pass through a state game area and an outdoor concert venue called the Pavilion at Star Lake. Cross over the William Penn Highway and stay on 18 until you reach Raccoon Creek State Park. Just off the road, you can check out the Frankfort Mineral Spring Falls and stretch your legs. Eventually you'll reach the Ohio River again, and jump on Interstate 376 to cross the river. Cruise the interstate past Beaver Falls, PA, and then exit on Wallace Run Road to ride east towards Morado, PA and the Beaver River. Take a detour south if you want to see the waterfall next to Beaver Falls. Finish the day with some southern fried cooking at MS Chicken Shack, or head back to Koppel for more action at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

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Ride along the Ohio River and through towns like Wheeling, WV on this ride. (source)
Steubenville is an Ohio River town named for its fort from the late 1700s. (source)
You'll cross over the Ohio River several times as you snake through Ohio and West Virginia. (source)
Wrap the ride near Beaver Falls on the Beaver River. (source)

Burns Run / Quehanna Wild Loop

Explore the remote woods of the Burns Run and Quehanna Wild Areas and tour a section of the Susquehanna River on this scenic two hour loop. This route is one of the best motorcycle rides in Western PA, and it is not to be missed. The ride begins in Moshannon, PA, just west of the town of Snow Shoe. Take Spruce Road out of town, and then go through the intersection to get onto Highway 144. You'll be surrounded by state game lands as you cruise northeast towards the Burns Run Wild Area. There aren't too many side roads to explore in this park area, but the winding road through the hills makes for a great ride. At East Branch Swamp, turn left to stay on 144 towards Renovo, PA. You'll ride a beautiful section of wooded ravines until you see the Susquehanna River. If you're into trout fishing, be sure to bring your fly rod for this section. Curve around into West and South Renovo and then cross the river into Renovo proper. Stop at Socky's or the Green Lantern for some small town food, and then head west on Highway 120 for a scenic ride along the bluffs of the Susquehanna River. When you reach Keating, PA, stay on Highway 120 as it turns back west along Sinnemahoning Creek.

More amazing vistas await along Sinnemahoning Creek as you ride towards the town of Sinnemahoning, PA. Once there, cross over the creek heading south on Wykoff Run Road. You'll ride along Wykoff Run and into the Quehanna Wild Area. This wide expanse of forest was once home to a nuclear jet engine testing facility. Along the way, stop to check out the small waterfall known as Wykoff Run Falls. A little further up the road, the Hoover Farm Wildlife Viewing Area offers a chance to see elk, deer and many different bird species native to the area. For a memorable detour, head east from the wildlife area up Quehanna Highway, and then take Red Run Road up into the hills to see Table Falls. Once finished, take Quehanna Highway back south, and there will be a solid dinner stop along the road in the Quehanna Lodge Bar & Grill. At the fork in the road, turn left onto County Road 879 into Karthaus, PA. Cross over the Susquehanna River again, and ride through Pine Glen to meet back up with Highway 144 and complete the loop.  

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Escape the city and ride to the remote Quehanna Wild Area in Northern Pennsylvania. (source)
The Quehanna Highway runs right through the hills of the wild area. (source)
Renovo is a small town in the Susquehanna River Valley. (source)
You'll ride on both sides of the Susquehanna as you cross over the river at Renovo. (source)

Snow Shoe To Tioga

Ride through the remote Susquehannock State Forest up to Tioga, PA on this two and a half hour A to B route. This ride begins on the same road as the Burns Run / Quehanna Loop, and you'll take Highway 144 through the Burns Run Wild Area up to Renovo. Once there, stay on Highway 144 through town, and then climb up into the hills through Drury Run, PA. You'll ride up a narrow wooded run through the hills until you link up with Kettle Creek Road. More quality trout fishing can be found here along Kettle Creek. Head north up to Cross Fork, PA, and stop at Deb's Cross Fork Inn at the confluence of two small creeks for a bite to eat. Keep heading north on 144 through Germania up to Galeton, PA. This old lumber mill town showcases its rich history at the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum. Once you cross Pine Creek, there is a nice little sandwich shop called the Brick House Deli if you want something quick. You can also take a breather at the waterfront park by Galeton Lake.

When you're finished in Galeton, head east out of town on Highway 6 through Gaines and Manhattan to Rexford, PA. There is a rustic restaurant here called the Log Cabin Inn, or hold out a few more miles until you reach the Burnin' Barrel Bar in Ansonia, PA. You'll see a nearby high point called Mount Tom to the east of town. There is an excellent detour opportunity here to what is called the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. You'll take Pine Creek Road south out of town, and then turn right onto Copp Hollow Road towards Leonard Harrison State Park and the Pine Creek Gorge. There is an overlook tower here, a visitors center along the gorge, and a hiking route to the Turkey Path Trail Waterfall. This is definitely a photo opp you don't want to miss. Colton Point State Park features more stunning views of the Pine Creek Gorge from the other rim if you want to explore that side as well.      

Back on Highway 6, the road curves north here to follow Marsh Creek. Keep cruising up until you take a right onto Highway 287 outside of Wellsboro, PA. Stay on 287 until you reach the banks of Hammond Lake. There is swimming and a campground here as well as restrooms if you need a break. Highway 287 skirts the north shore of the lake until you arrive in Tioga. Make sure to ride south of town to see the Hammond Dam and look down the Tioga Reservoir Overlook. Finish up the ride just north of town at a dive roadside diner called Florida Fryed Chicken.

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Pine Creek Gorge is often called the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. (source)
You'll definitely want to take a short detour south of Ansonia, PA to see the gorge. (source)
Turkey Path Falls is near the Pine Creek Gorge as well. (source)
You'll finish up this route near the Tioga Reservoir. (source)

Allegheny National Forest Loop

Tour the Allegheny National Forest in this near three hour loop north of Pittsburgh. This ride kicks off just south of Oil City, PA near the Allegheny River. If you like to fish, the clean waters of the Allegheny River are known for walleye, sauger and smallmouth bass. To begin, take Highway 62 east through some state game lands to link up with the river. You'll follow the Allegheny through the small town of President, PA, and then cross over on the Allegheny River Bridge. At Tionesta, PA, you'll cross back over the Allegheny into town to follow Highway 62. Stop at Matt's Happy Cow BBQ to chat with the owner and to grab a bite to eat. Many more miles of the scenic Allegheny River await north of town. Once you arrive in Tidioute, PA, stop at the scenic overlook on the south banks of the river for stunning views of the river valley and the town below. You'll stay on 64 on the south side of the river to wind up towards Warren, PA. At Irvine, PA, cross back over the river and then ride east into Warren.

There is a lot to see and do in the town of Warren. This historic oil town features many old Victorian homes, and it's a worthwhile ride to see the Warren Historic District on the north side of the river. If you ride into downtown, Ribs n Bones Restaurant and Jack's Tap House make for a great stop if you're hungry. The natural beauty of Warren is not to be missed either, and two particular destinations east of town are worth the detour. Take Highway 59 east to see the Kinzua Dam, and then continue on across the Kinzua Beach Bridge to see the beach and the Rimrock Overlook above. When you wrap this memorable detour, the route continues south of Warren on Highway 6. You'll cruise through a couple small towns in Clarendon and Tiona, PA, and consider a stop for ice cream at the Frosty Chalet in Tiona. When you arrive in Sheffield, stay on Highway 6 east towards Kane, PA. There are several wineries along the way including Allegheny Cellars in Sheffield and Flickerwood Wine Cellars and Twisted Vine Winery in Kane.

The final section of this ride begins on Highway 66 south of Kane. Stay on this highway for a good stretch as you pass through several small towns surrounded by more of the Allegheny National Forest. When you arrive in Crown, PA, pull into the Sportsman's Paradise bar and restaurant for a big menu with a lot of different options. Then hang a left on Arnold Avenue to take a rural road to Tylersburg, PA. Get on Highway 36 north out of town for a short stretch, and then hang a left onto Highway 208 towards Lickingville, PA. This road will take you all the way back to Oil City to complete the loop.

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Ride the Allegheny National Forest in the fall to see the vivid colors.
The Allegheny River offers near endless opportunities for fishing and boating. (source)
The Allegheny National Forest covers over half a million acres.
Warren, PA is an old oil town with Victorian-style homes. (source)

MotoAmerica Allegheny National Forest Loop

Visit New Castle, PA and then tackle another section of the scenic Allegheny Forest in this long five hour loop through western Pennsylvania. We once again begin at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex near Koppel, PA. Head south into town and then cross the Beaver River on Highway 351. You'll ride into Ellwood City, PA, and stop off at the Breaking Bread Co. to fuel up with breakfast. When finished, take Portersville Road or County Road 488 east out of town towards Portersville, PA. Stay on 488 through Portersville as you cross over Interstate 79. Before you jump on Highway 429 south, consider a detour to see Lake Arthur and Moraine State Park. This large 16,000 acre park features swimming beaches, sailing clubs and hiking trails. It is also known for its large population of bald eagles and osprey. Back on 422, you'll ride around the southern tip of Lake Arthur and take the 528 or Prospect road exit north to explore more of the lake. When you reach Highway 8, there are a couple historic buildings from the early 1800s nearby in the Foltz School House and Old Stone House.

Keep cruising north up Highway 8, and don't miss the small town ice cream shop called Hughes Penn Gold Ice Cream in Harrisville, PA. Next, you'll cross over Interstate 80 and jet up the freeway all the way to Franklin, PA. Once in Franklin, make a stop at Benjamin's Roadhouse for a solid meal on the patio. Then cross French Creek on Highway 8 to head to Oil City. Once over the Allegheny River south of Oil City, we'll trace the same route as our last ride up through Tionesta, PA, but this time take a right on Highway 666 at East Hickory, PA to explore more of the national forest. You'll start along Beaver Run and then curve down south to meet up with Tionesta Creek. Along the creek is a great little dive called Cougar Bob's. Follow 666 back up north, and don't miss the campy painted river rock called Frog Rock. At a little bend in the road, you'll see Minister Creek Campground, and just north of the campground is a scenic overlook with excellent views of the valley. Don't miss the biker-friendly stop up next called the Blue Jay Inn where Blue Jay Creek runs into the Tionesta.  

Eventually you'll ride into Sheffield, PA, and take Highway 6 north out of town to continue the route. Once you get to the outskirts of Warren, PA, pull off at Wells Hog Wild BBQ for some excellent eats in town, and ride up Kinzua Road to see the Kinzua Dam, Jake's Rock Overlook and Rimrock Overlook. Heading west out of Warren, you'll follow the Allegheny River into Irvine, PA. Next, turn south on Highway 62 to trace more beautiful river country. There is another scenic overlook to check out in Tidioute just off Highway 62. Soon you'll arrive back in Tionesta, and backtrack down the same route you came up to Barkeyville, PA. This time we'll jump on Interstate 80 west and then Interstate 376 / Beaver Valley Expressway south towards New Castle. If you want to explore the town, check out Cascade Park along the Big Run Creek, and grab a quick meal at the Forbush Drive In or sit down for something nicer at the Starwood Rib and Steakhouse. Otherwise, you'll stay on the Beaver Valley Expressway until you hit the Moravia, PA exit. Ride east into town, and then turn left to cruise south on Highway 18 along the Beaver River. Just off to your left here is a cool off-road trail complex called Mines & Meadows. This resort offers 84 miles of recreational trails and the ability to ride underground through abandoned limestone mines. Finish up the route by pulling back into the raceway.

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The Beaver River runs right by the Pittsburgh International Race Complex.
You'll pass by Tidioute, PA as you cruise the Allegheny River.
Stop to relax at Tionesta Creek as it flows into the Allegheny. (source)
The Kinzua Dam is just east of Warren, PA. (source)

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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