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Cruise into the heart of colonial America on motorcycle rides CT from REVER. As we know it today, Connecticut was instrumental in the development of the US, and many of the smaller communities still resemble the original settler villages, complete with common greens in the middle of town. Although it is one of the smaller states, you can see diverse terrain on motorcycle rides in CT like mountains in the northwest and beaches and marshes to the south. The REVER App makes your search for CT motorcycle rides easy, and it is free to join. Download REVER today and get started in seconds.

Cruise the Merritt Parkway while in CT. This was one of the first parkways built in the US, and it is strictly used by smaller vehicles only.
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Tips For The Best Motorcycle Rides In CT

It has never been easier to find the best roads around the world. All you have to do is select a route in the app and hit the throttle to explore an ever-growing library of rides selected by the REVER team. Aside from opening the best motorcycle rides in CT, you can track your own trips, share maps with friends, and even try out unique challenges to keep things interesting. There is more to unlock for your next road trip with REVER Pro. Upgrade today to receive premium features like turn by turn and voice navigation, scenic route suggestions with Twisty Roads mode, LiveRIDE real time location tracking and much more. There is no better way to tour the best motorcycle roads in Connecticut.

You'll experience a range of temperatures throughout all four seasons on motorcycle routes in CT. The summers are hot and humid all around the state, so prepare accordingly with breathable riding gear. The winters in the northern region of the state are cold with decent snowfall, which makes for less than ideal riding conditions. However, the southern region along the coast is not as cold in the winter, and snow is rare as it is often replaced by rain. This makes it possible to hit Connecticut motorcycle rides all year round with an eye on the forecast. Don't forget the rain gear during this season. Otherwise the spring and fall offer excellent riding conditions outside of the occasional storm.

Connecticut Attractions

There are numerous attractions to pair with scenic motorcycle rides in CT. Start your journey along the best motorcycle roads in Connecticut on the shores of Long Island Sound with beaches like Walnut Beach, Hammonasset Beach, and Seaside Beach. Then explore the development of the naval submarine at the Submarine Force Museum in Groton, CT outside of New London. You can even climb down into the USS Nautilus to tour the confines of a historic sub. Next, cruise the Merritt Parkway where the road is the destination. “The Merritt” is one of the oldest parkways in America, and every bridge looks unique on this road through the woods north of the sound. Better yet, large trucks and long vehicles are prohibited from using the road due to narrow lines and tight curves, so it provides a unique ride through the state. It is perhaps at its best in autumn when the parkway is surrounded by hanging leaves.

While not technically on the ocean, Connecticut is bordered by the Long Island Sound to the south.
Since it is sheltered from the bigger waves of the Atlantic, parks like Walnut Beach have calmer currents.
Autumn rides in Connecticut provide ample opportunity to see the changing leaves.

REVER's Top Connecticut Motorcycle Roads

Connecticut-Mass Hopper Loop

Navigate this short loop on the north-west corner of Connecticut and part of Massachusetts. Featuring some of the recommended Butler Routes, this is a fun loop bordering the two states.

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Connecticut River Loop

Tour the Connecticut River and the coast along Long Island Sound on this 2 hour loop.

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Northeast Connecticut Corner Loop

Circle the Natchaug State Forest on this 2 hour loop near Putnam, CT.

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Mt. Washington Loop

This lollipop loop starts in Winstead Conn., and heads through Canaan then north into Massachusetts into the Jug End State Reservation and Mt. Washington State Forest. The roads in this park are more paved trails than major roads. The route then jumps into NY before looping back to the start.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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