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A little over 2,500 miles from the shores of California, the eight volcanic islands of Hawaii reach up out of the waters of the remote central Pacific Ocean. Part of an archipelago made up of more than 130 islands, Hawaii is known best for its beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and vibrant native culture. The Aloha State also contains some of the best (and by far the most unique) motorcycle roads in the entire United States. Rugged volcanic terrain and picturesque pacific island scenery make Hawaii one of the best states to experience via motorcycle!

Hawaii’s picturesque beaches make a great place to unwind after a long day of riding through the jungle.
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Finding The Best Motorcycle Roads In Hawaii

It’s almost hard to make a poor choice when selecting a motorcycle road or route to ride in Hawaii. However, chances are you aren’t spending an extended amount of time on the islands and would like to make the absolute most out of the riding that you’ll be doing. We got you! The REVER App is free to use and makes riding a state’s best motorcycle roads as simple and browsing routes and selecting what looks best to you. Then just gas up and go! Create new routes, log your rides and share with friends all within the app. Want even more planning and tracking tools at your disposal? Upgrade your account to REVER Pro for features like turn-by-turn + voice navigation, 3D animated route exploration, weather radar + alerts, and much more. Learn about everything that REVER and REVER Pro can offer you when it comes to planning and logging your next motorcycle ride or trip.

Tips For Riding In Hawaii

The first order of business when planning your Hawaii motorcycle trip is to sort out bike rental (definitely get this done well in advance of your trip). Given that there are no vehicle ferries that travel between the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll have to rent a motorcycle on each island that you plan to visit + ride. There are several reputable motorcycle rental businesses located on The Island of Hawai’i, Maui, O’ahu, and Kauai, so your options are plenty when it comes to choosing what islands to ride and what kind of bike to ride them on. 99 times out of 100, your rental will be perfectly safe during the time you leave it parked and go for a hike etc., but taking a few easy measures to secure your rental will help to ensure that you won’t have to deal with any theft-related headaches(most rental services provide some sort of security lock). Virtually all motorcycle rental companies in Hawaii also provide gear rental, which means you don’t necessarily need to pack your own riding gear. Personally I always choose to bring my own gear with me wherever I travel, but you may choose to rent gear for the convenience of not having to check or carry extra luggage. A few days of riding the Hawaiian islands is quite easy to prepare for in terms of what kind of gear you should pack or rent. With very mild seasonal temperature swings (ranging from a low of 65 degrees in the winter to a high of 88 degrees in the summer), a simple gear setup consisting of a base layer, summer riding jacket/pants, and a rain layer should do the trick. Keep in mind that if setting out on any routes that includes high elevation zones, such as the road to the Observatory on Mauna Kea’s 13,700’+ peak, you will experience temperatures significantly lower than at sea level! Know what to expect by checking weather data for different points along your route, and be prepared by packing an insulative mid layer(or two if you get cold easily).

Hawaii Attractions

Hawaii is a great state for riding from one attraction to another, partly because the landscape traversed between destinations is an attraction in itself! If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Hawaii with a motorcycle at your disposal, be sure to ride the Hana Highway. This scenic road is one of the world’s most visually spectacular motor routes and is pure joy to experience on two wheels. The road to Mauna Kea’s summit is another must-ride stretch of road, but only if you are properly prepared for the testing ride from sea level to nearly 14,000ft. The asphalt ends at the visitor center, and from there it’s another 4,500ft of climbing on a steep and rough dirt road until you reach the summit, so only plan to ride to the very top if you have access to a dual sport or adventure motorcycle. Some of Hawaii’s other attractions include the hiking trails at Diamond Head State Monument, the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and of course the many beautiful beaches that Hawaii is famous for.

The Mauna Loa observatory is located over 11,000 ft. above the surface of the surrounding Pacific Ocean.
Blanketed in thick vegetation, the unique volcanic landscapes of Hawaii are uniquely beautiful to say the least.

REVER's Top Five Hawaii Motorcycle Roads

Kona To Hawai'i Volcanoes Nat. Park

This ride heads south out of Kona and follows the coast for most of way before heading northeast up to Hawai'i Volcanoes Nat. Park, which is a very surreal place to ride through the lava and steam. Nice road, too.

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Hana Highway

Don't be fooled by the name "Highway" because the road to Hana is anything but. This road is all about endless switchbacks, plenty of tourists and scenery. Take your time and enjoy the ride.

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Nu‘uanu Pali

Nuʻuanu Pali is a section of the windward cliff (pali in Hawaiian) of the Koʻolau mountain located at the head of Nuʻuanu Valley on the island of Oʻahu. It has a panoramic view of the windward (northeast) coast of Oʻahu. The Pali Highway (Hawaii State Highway 61) connecting Kailua/Kāneʻohe with downtown Honolulu runs through the Nuʻuanu Pali Tunnels bored into the cliffside The Nuʻuanu Pali State Wayside is a lookout above the tunnels where there is a panoramic view of the Oʻahu's windward side with views of Kāneʻohe, Kāneʻohe Bay, and Kailua. It is also well known for strong trade winds that blow through the pass (now bypassed by the Nuʻuanu Pali Tunnels).

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Waimea To Na Pali Coast St. Park

This is the main road up Waimea Canyon to the Na Pali Coast State Park. Once at the top you can hike to several awesome viewpoints.

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Poipu To Polihale

The road to Polihale is dirt, so be warned that during rains it might be a mess, but this Leeward side beach is hot and dry while the east side of of Kauai is a totally different environment.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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