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Known as the “Gem State”, Idaho’s natural beauty is truly something to behold. From the expansive high desert that occupies the southwestern portion of the state, to the towering 12,000ft-plus mountain peaks of the Lost River Range, to the dense pine forests and clear lakes of the Idaho Panhandle, this state contains many extremes and even more epic motorcycle roads. Being the nation’s 7th least-densely populated state, Idaho’s remote, unspoiled wilderness gives visitors and explorers the opportunity to experience what remains of the American Frontier. If you’re craving a proper adventure aboard your motorcycle, Idaho can certainly satisfy.

The wilderness of Idaho is a rugged and beautiful place.
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Find The Best Motorcycle Roads In Idaho

When planning a motorcycle trip in a state or region that is unfamiliar, locating the best motorcycle roads and navigating them from destination to destination can be both a time consuming and stressful endeavor. The REVER App is free to use and makes planning your next ride as easy as browsing routes in your intended area and selecting what route looks best to you. Then just gas up and hit the road! Create new routes, log your rides and share with friends all within the app. Want even more planning and tracking tools at your disposal? Upgrade to REVER Pro for features like turn-by-turn + voice navigation, 3D animated route exploration, weather radar + alerts, and much more. See everything that REVER and REVER Pro can offer you on your next motorcycle ride, no matter whether you’re going for a morning cruise in your home state or a multi-day motorcycle trip on the other side of the country!

Tips For Riding In Idaho

Preparedness is key while riding in Idaho. When it comes time to prep for a motorcycle trip (or even just a day ride) in the Gem State, there are a number of things that you should consider and address so that your ride is as enjoyable as possible. Firstly, what types of climate(s) will your route travel through? If you plan to ride the high desert of SW Idaho during the late summer, for example, be absolutely sure to use summer-rated riding gear and pack in plenty of water with you. We recommend using a wearable hydration system, as they allow you to keep a high volume of water readily available while on and off the bike. Due to the remoteness of the region, it’s also important to carry extra fuel by way of a RotopaX or other fuel storage devices such as a fuel bag or fuel bottles. On the other hand, let’s say you’re planning to ride the wooded, mountainous regions of the state (side note: do not do this during the winter). These zones can experience massive temperature swings throughout the day as well as sudden, severe weather. Utilizing a layering system paired with jackets/pants that sport adjustable vents will allow you to adapt to these changing temperatures throughout the day. In the event of a sudden storm, it’s important to have some quality rain gear at your disposal. Personal anecdote: One time while riding in the Rockies, I watched the weather change from 91 degrees and sunny to 43 degrees and raining/hailing in less than 15 minutes. I threw on my non-motorcycle gore tex rain jacket and kept on riding. Within another 15 minutes my rain jacket was 100% soaked-through with water as I crested 11,000ft+ summits in the 36-degree air. It was a painfully and dangerously cold experience. All this to say: Don’t get caught in the mountains without proper rain gear!!!

Idaho Attractions

Idaho is a major destination for those who enjoy outdoor recreation and exploration. The state contains more than 10 national parks and historic sites, 26 state parks, 7 wildlife refuges, and small charming towns dotted throughout the wilderness. Some of the state’s most noteworthy attractions include: Bruneau Dunes State Park, where you can climb up and sandsurf down the tallest sand dunes on the continent, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, which holds the deepest water gorge in North America and a number of stunning hiking trails, Craters of the Moon, an ancient lava field with a truly other-worldy landscape, and of course the many mountain towns such as Stanley, Ketchum and Wallace that are historical and cultural destinations in themselves. There’s almost too much to explore and experience in Idaho, but we can help you to at least begin scratching at the surface of the Gem State.

Idaho is home to the tallest freestanding sand dunes in North America!
The many peaks of Idaho make it a mountaineers paradise.

REVER's Top Five Idaho Motorcycle Roads

Fourth Of July Summit

Fourth of July Summit is a mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains of the northwestern United States, located in northern Idaho. Its elevation is 3,081 feet (939 m) above sea level on Interstate 90 in central Kootenai County, east of the city of Coeur d'Alene. The summit marks the western end of the Silver Valley mining district, which extends east, along the Coeur d'Alene River and Interstate 90 into Shoshone County to Lookout Pass on the Montana border.

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Sawtooth Nat. Forest, Sun Valley Loop

This loop out of Boise heads up the 21 toward Idaho City, past Copper Mountain. Then Heads south on the 21 to Stanley and onto the 75 through some great roads heading toward Sun Valley and Ketchum.

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Log Mountain Out And Back

This ride is an out-and-back up the 55 to along the Payette River and then heads northeast up Warm Lake Road to Warm Lake then north along the South Fork of teh Salmon River to East Fork Road.

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Boise Nat. Forest Loop

Heading out of Boise on the 21 past Lucky Peak Lake then north to Lowman, then along the Payette River through Garden Valley then south on the 55, back into Boise.

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Palisade ADV Loop

This ADV/Dual-sport loop heads out of Swan Valley and jumps on Forest Rd. 077 the Kepps Crossing Rd. before heading south on Blackfoot Res Rd., Long Valley Rd., Grays Lake Rd. then heads east to Palisade Res., before heading back to Swan Valley.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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