Motorcycle Rides In Illinois

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Tour the heart of the Midwest with motorcycle rides in Illinois from REVER. The Land of Lincoln is just waiting to be explored on your bike, and there is much to see in the Prairie State. The most popular scenic motorcycle rides in Illinois trace the eastern and western borders of the state along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, so start your travels there. If you ride to the southern portion of the state, the Shawnee National Forest offers a welcome respite from the cornfields and gentle hills that make up much of the Illinois landscape. Carbondale, IL and the surrounding Little Egypt region is known for its muddy rivers and rugged sandstone bluffs. On the opposite side of the state lies one of the premier American cities in Chicago, IL. The Second City is actually the third largest city in the nation beside New York and Los Angeles, but once upon a time it was second only to NYC. Many Midwest road trips pass through Chicago, and it is a popular stop on several motorcycle routes in Illinois. I grew up in Illinois, and I made sure the best motorcycle roads in Illinois made it onto this list. So top off your tank and pick a region below to get started!

Visit cities along the Mississippi River like Galena, IL to see the autumn colors.
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Tips For The Best Motorcycle Roads In Illinois

REVER is the only tool you need to uncover the top motorcycle roads in Illinois. Download it today and get started for free. You'll be able to search the best routes chosen by experienced riders, or you can go your own way and track your personal favorites. But for the best touring experience possible, you're going to need REVER Pro. This easy upgrade will only set you back a few bucks a month, and you can tackle the best roads in Illinois right away. Take advantage of premium features like voice navigation, weather alerts, Butler Maps Road Recommendations and LiveRIDE location tracking. You can even flip on the Twisty Roads feature to make sure you always take the scenic route!

Illinois, like most states in the Midwest, gets its full share of all four seasons. The spring is warm and rainy, the summers turn hot and humid, and the fall brings back cooler temperatures and autumn colors. As for the winters, you can expect a gridlock of cold and gray days, but if you watch the forecast closely, you'll be able to sneak out on Illinois motorcycle rides on the occasional warm winter day. Since the climate is so dynamic, it is important to invest in 4 season motorcycle gear if you ride often in Illinois. For the best results in the spring and fall, dress in layers to prepare for the famous Illinois temperature swings.  

Illinois Attractions

The Land of Lincoln features several historic sites that trace the rich history of the 16th President Abraham Lincoln. First, ride over to New Salem, IL to see the scenic hills and old log cabins at Lincoln's birthplace. Then head to the state capitol in Springfield, IL to see Lincoln's Tomb, his home from 1844 to 1861 and the Lincoln Presidential Library. If you're in the Chicago area, you absolutely need to cruise down Lake Shore Drive along Lake Michigan. Don't forget to hit a Cubs game on the Northside to see the Wrigley Field, the second-oldest stadium in baseball. Next, catch the sunset and marvel at the city's towering skyscrapers with a ride up to the glass skydecks at Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower). While it certainly isn't the fanciest place in Chicago, you'll want to get a burger with “no fries, chips, and no coffee, Pepsi” at the famous Billy Goat Tavern downtown. For one last detour, you can cruise up to North Chicago to see the Home Alone house with a stop in Winnetka, IL.

Lake Shore Drive in Chicago is an iconic stretch of road you have to ride.
Cruise the streets of the Windy City to see the heart of Chicago.
Illinois is the home state of Abraham Lincoln, and there are many historic sites that chronicle his life.

REVER's Top Illinois Motorcycle Roads

Savannah To Galena Via The BlackJack Road

Bring your riding gear- this ride is not for newbs- Enjoy lunch and Poopy's Legendary Biker Pub- home of live entertainment- historic bikes and great merch. Head north along with the Ole Miss- along 84 to the little known BLACKJACK road. This road is a little narrow, has great turns and twists and roller-coaster hills this area is known for! It has recently been repaved and is a great way to come into historic Galena. Enjoy views of eagles in the trees and cattle on the hills- but be careful! To much fun can be had! great for a mild stroll on a tourer- sportbikes may find it challenging- but wouldn't try to get max speed on the blackjack- you may go bust!

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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