Scenic Motorcycle Rides In Iowa

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Set your sights on The Hawkeye State with scenic motorcycle rides in Iowa from REVER. From the banks of the mighty Mississippi in the east to the winding waterways of the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers in the west, Iowa stretches out in rolling hills and bluffs surrounded by rich farmlands. Iowa is also considered one of the safest states in the nation, and cities like Des Moines and Davenport provide engaging attractions for visitors and locals alike. The team at REVER has selected the top motorcycle routes in Iowa that will show you the best the state has to offer. Simply select a route or region to get started.

The rural landscape of Iowa provides countless opportunities for empty stretches of road.
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Tips For The Best Iowa Motorcycle Routes

Iowa covers nearly 60,000 sq. miles, and you're going to need a reliable navigation app to find the best motorcycle roads in Iowa. Instead of trying to use Google Maps for something it isn't designed for, turn to REVER, a motorcycle navigation app built by riders for riders. It takes seconds to join for free, and you can open epic rides all over the world right away. Free users can even track their own rides for bragging rights with their buddies. Discover a world of premium features for unforgettable scenic motorcycle rides in Iowa with REVER Pro. A few bucks a month nets you must-have upgrades like turn by turn and voice navigation, live weather alerts, "twisty roads" scenic route recommendations and much more. It's the best value in the motorcycle world!

Like much of the Midwest, you can expect hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. Spring riding season kicks off the same time as severe weather season, and you'll definitely want to keep an eye on the REVER weather alerts on Iowa motorcycle rides. Thunderstorms roll through the prairie pretty regularly, and tornadoes can threaten occasionally. Don't forget your rain gear if you're hitting Iowa motorcycle routes in the spring and summer. Iowa certainly isn't the desert, but don't take the heat lightly. Prepare with breathable riding gear and a hydration pack. Snowfall and cold temps are common in the winter, so you won't be able to get out on too many off season rides.

Iowa Attractions

Iowa provides the perfect combination of natural and historic sites. Start at Effigy Mounds National Monument that features over 200 ceremonial mounds that were built in the shape of various animals. The monument is also located in the Mississippi River Valley, so there is rich natural beauty to explore as well. Sticking with parks, Maquoketa Caves in northeast Iowa offers the chance to explore well-maintained paths through large caves. Just make sure you bring a flashlight or headlamp you want to hike deep into the caves. For a different experience of rural America, head over to the Amana Colonies to see a unique German commune founded over 90 years ago. Today the colony is probably best known for their beers and wines made on site. Discover some of the best Iowa motorcycle roads in the state when you cruise the Grant Wood Scenic Byway. This 80 mile route takes you through country immortalized by the American Gothic artist. Finally, don't miss the National Motorcycle Museum  in Anamosa. There are hundreds of bikes on display, and you can trace the development of the motorcycle over the years.

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and a great place to stay if you're visiting.
Visit Iowa in the fall to see the fields change colors.
It's not all fields in Iowa. Explore the winding roads around the Mississippi River.

REVER's Top Motorcycle Roads In Iowa

Madison County Bridges Tour

Yeah, we went there. Sure, we like Clint Eastwood, and we admit the movie The Bridges of Madison County is a bit of a sappy love story, and not quite Dirty Harry, but this is a nice scenic ride, and if you like history, you'll like this nice cruise through the countryside.

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Iowa Great River Road

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