Kentucky Motorcycle Rides

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Cruise across the sprawling Bluegrass State with Kentucky motorcycle rides as chosen by REVER. We've tackled every corner of the state to uncover the best motorcycle rides in Kentucky so you won't miss a thing while you're there. From the winding roads bordered by stone fences in the Bluegrass region to the scenic hills and valleys in the Cumberland Plateau, there is much to see and do in Kentucky. So grab your gear, pull the cover off your bike and select a region below to start exploring Kentucky motorcycle roads.

The Cumberland River is one of the major waterways in Kentucky.
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Tips For Kentucky Motorcycle Roads

Kick off motorcycle riding in Kentucky with a bang by downloading REVER. You can get started right now for free and head out on a new ride this afternoon. In addition to opening hand-picked rides selected by the REVER staff, you can build your own personal ride catalog by tracking your favorite routes. Get the most out of your time in Kentucky by joining as a REVER Pro member. You'll unlock a world of Pro Perks alongside premium features like voice navigation, weather alerts, LiveRIDE location tracking and mobile route planning. There is no better way to tour the country!

Kentucky is situated in an ideal spot where it experiences neither the extreme heat of the South nor the bitter cold of the Northern US. This means you can head out on motorcycle rides in KY almost year-long. The more mountainous regions, particularly the eastern side near the Appalachian Mountains can be cooler, so make sure you have a warm motorcycle jacket you can rely on. There may not be much in the way of snow in Kentucky, but it is a particularly rainy state almost all year round. Prepare for its regular storms by packing quality rain gear before you go.  

Kentucky Attractions

Kentucky is bourbon country, and you may want to plan Kentucky motorcycle rides alongside the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail between Louisville and Lexington. The state is also known for the most popular horse race in the world at the Kentucky Derby. While you're in Louisville, you can see the factory and museum of the world's most famous bat, the Louisville Slugger. Outside of the Kentucky's urban areas, mile after mile of scenic beauty awaits. The state is home to the biggest cave system in the world at Mammoth Cave. There are over 400 miles of caves surveyed in the network, and you can even take a tour to more remote areas that are lit only by paraffin lamps. When you're touring the western part of Kentucky, be sure to ride over into the Land Between The Lakes. This remote portion of the state is free from any towns or cities, and it might just be one of the quietest places you've ever been. Enjoy fishing, camping, bison and elk watching and off-roading in this unique park. Or simply cruise the winding roads through this unforgettable slice of rural America.

Visit Louisville, KY for world-class events and exciting rides along the Ohio River.
Cumberland Falls is a popular Kentucky destination.
The Land Between The Lakes is a remote section of Kentucky perfect for a ride.

REVER's Top Five Kentucky Motorcycle Roads

Cumberland Gap Nat. Park Along Virginia Border

Counterclockwise loop from Middlesboro North to Cumberland and then Back Southwest to Middlesboro, starting in the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, then looping toward the north through Kentenia State Forest before heading South.

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Hazard Loop

This counterclockwise loop hits some great roads in the Hazard area following first Troublesome Creek and then the North Fork of the Kentucky River heading south.

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Georgetown Figure Eight

Kentucky Kidney Loop: This clockwise loop runs from Georgetown to Sadieville and back.

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Williamsburg To London Via Daniel Boone Nat. Forest

Williamsburg to London through the Daniel Boone National Forest and along Laurel River Lake.

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Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge - Best of the Bluegrass. Thanks to Tom W. and Drew F. for the submission!

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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