Best Motorcycle Rides In Mississippi

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You'll feel right at home in the Hospitality State on the best motorcycle rides in Mississippi from REVER. From the capital of Jackson to the gulf shores of Biloxi, we've explored every inch of the Magnolia State to uncover top routes you won't want to miss. Perhaps the best place to start motorcycle rides in MS is along the Mighty Mississippi herself. Near endless river bends invite adventure as you trace the river down south into Louisiana. Pair this with the gentle hills of the Bienville and De Soto National Forests, and there is more to see on motorcycle roads in Mississippi than one trip can handle. Start with one of REVER's top routes below, or select a specific region to plan your next ride.

Explore the swollen river banks along the Mississippi River.
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Tips For The Best Motorcycle Roads In Mississippi

You'll experience no shortage of Southern Hospitality while you explore Mississippi, but if you want to get where you're going every time, you need a reliable motorcycle navigation app. REVER was created by riders for riders, and it has your back on both winding paved roads and remote gravel trails. You can start right now by opening epic routes all over the country or tracking your own personal favorites. Get more out of your next touring adventure by upgrading to REVER Pro. You'll execute motorcycle rides in Mississippi seamlessly with premium features like live radar and weather alerts, mobile route planning and editing on the fly, points of interest notifications and turn by turn and voice navigation. You can even turn on Butler Maps recommendations to be shown top rated roads in any part of the country.

If you're heading to Mississippi in the summer, you have to prepare for its hot and humid summers. Just like the rest of the Deep South, Mississippi's climate features long summers and short, mild winters. Gear up for the heat with ventilated motorcycle gear, motorcycle hydration systems and summer riding apparel. Summer thunderstorms are also a common occurrence, so don't forget to pack reliable rain gear. Also be cautious of severe weather in the form of tornadoes and hurricanes, both of which are a threat in Mississippi during certain parts of the year. There has never been a better time to set up those REVER Pro weather alerts!

Mississippi Attractions

Mississippi features both natural beauty and a wealth of historical sites to explore while on motorcycle rides in MS. Begin your trip with a ride down the Natchez Trace Parkway that preserves a historical travel corridor used for over 10,000 years by American Indians, European settlers and marching soldiers. Stop along the way at Vicksburg National Military Park to see the site of a devastating 47 day Civil War battle. If you're ready for an adventure off the beaten path, head to the banks of the Mississippi to see the Rodney Ghost Town. It's not easy to find, and it requires riding some gravel roads, but this old river town is an interesting, sometimes haunting detour. This article ( examines the history of the area in great detail. If you find yourself in Tupelo, MS, make sure to visit the King of Rock 'N' Roll Elvis Presley's birthplace. Finally, cool off after a hot Mississippi ride with a visit to Biloxi Beach. This uncrowded beach provides a different experience than the overdeveloped white sand beaches popular in other areas of the Gulf Coast.

But watch out for the native wildlife!
The Mississippi bayou is an otherworldly landscape you have to experience.
Elvis was born in this little shotgun house in Tupelo, MS.

REVER's Top Mississippi Motorcycle Roads

Natchez Trace

This is one of Americas lesser known old-school cruising roads. If speed and curves are your thing, this might not be for you, riding the Natchez Trace is more about history and mellow tempos. The road is maintained by the National Park Service and has been designated an All-American Road. Commercial traffic is prohibited along the entire route, and the speed limit is pretty slow at just 50 miles per hour (80 km/h), except north of Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, and Ridgeland, Mississippi, where the speed limit is reduced to 40 miles per hour (64 km/h). Regardless, it's a blast to ride. The gentle sloping and curving alignment of the current route closely follows the original foot passage. Its design harkens back to the way the original interweaving trails aligned as an ancient salt-lick-to-grazing-pasture migratory route of the American bison and other game that moved between grazing the pastures of central and western Mississippi and the salt and other mineral surface deposits of the Cumberland Plateau. The route generally traverses the tops of the low hills and ridges of the watershed divides from northeast to southwest which means the views are great.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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