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While the name “New York” tends to conjure up images of the city, its iconic skyline and bustling streets, there is a whole lot more to discover in the state of New York than what can be seen in the 5 boroughs. New York’s over 50,000 square miles of land features remarkable geographic diversity. The Adirondack and Appalachian mountain ranges contain some of New York’s best and most scenic motorcycle roads, many of which could be considered among the best roads to ride on the eastern seaboard. The many lakes and waterways of the state have also done a fine job of producing some seriously fun motorcycle roads. If you haven’t been to The Empire State (or if you have only been to New York City, as is the case for most visitors), there’s a lot more to discover in the state of New York than you might imagine.

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Find The Best Motorcycle Roads In New York

Although New York isn’t exactly a giant state, one look at any roadway map is enough to make your head spin. How is one supposed to know which roads in that tangled mess of concrete and asphalt are best for riding on two wheels? Our goal is to make planning and logging your next ride as easy as possible. The REVER App is free to use and makes riding a state’s best motorcycle roads as simple and browsing routes and selecting what looks best to you. Then just gas up and go! Create new routes, log your rides and share with friends all within the app. Want even more planning and tracking tools at your disposal? Upgrade your account to REVER Pro for features like turn-by-turn + voice navigation, 3D animated route exploration, weather radar + alerts, and much more. Learn about everything that REVER and REVER Pro can offer you when it comes to planning and logging your next motorcycle ride or trip.

Tips for Riding in New York

Being well prepared for a motorcycle ride or trip in the state of New York isn’t too difficult. Firstly, be sure to know what you’re getting yourself into climate/weather-wise. Each geographical region of the state has its own set of weather characteristics at different times of the year, so doing a little research into annual weather patterns at different points along your intended route will do well to inform you on what gear to bring. For example: If planning to ride the Adirondack Mountains in July (generally the wettest month of the year in New York state), you can be best-prepared for the cool mornings, warm afternoons and likely rainfall by using a weather-adaptable gear setup. Such a setup may include a base layer, a ventilated riding jacket/pant, and some rain gear that can be thrown on when needed.

New York Attractions

So you’re planning a motorcycle ride/trip in New York state. Do you want to experience the sights and sounds of The Big Apple from the saddle of your motorcycle? Or are you trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life? New York has a wide offering of attractions and destinations that are sure to please, no matter what sort of vibe you are seeking. Some of the state’s most famous cultural and historical attractions include the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Times Square, Central Park, and a number of world-class museums + art installations. To experience some of the natural beauty that New York has to offer, you can take a ride to the Adirondacks, Lake Placid, Lake George, or Watkins Glen State Park, just to name a few of your options.

The forests of New York put on a dazzling display of color during fall.
Riding NYC on motorcycle is an exciting and unique way to experience the city.

REVER's Top Five New York Motorcycle Roads

Long Eddy / Masonville / Downsville Loop

This route heads out of Long Eddy New York and follows Starrucca Creek north to Lanesboro, crosses the Susquehanna River and then heads toward Harpursville and then toward Cannonsville Reservoir, onto Downsville then south to Long Eddy.

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Gloversville Loop Through Sargent Pond / Lake Pleasant

This loop heads out of Gloversville and heads north to Eagle Bay and then Fulton Chain Lakes, before heading south along Indian Lake and through Adirondack Park.

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Loop Around Pepacton Reservoir

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Hawk's Nest Highway (Hwy 97)

This route follows Highway 97 along the Delaware River between Port Jervis and Hancock New York. The section called the Hawk's Nest Highway is a short section named after the scenic overlook located at 41.420887, -74.733720. If you follow the route north, you can also check out Washington Roebling’s Delaware Aqueduct in Lackawaxen.

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Stony Clove Notch

Stony Clove Notch is a narrow pass, roughly 2,220 feet (677 m) in elevation located in the Town of Hunter in Greene County, New York, deep in the Catskill Mountains. It is traversed by New York State Route 214, although in the past the Ulster and Delaware Railroad went through it as well. The notch divides Hunter and Plateau mountains. There is just enough room for the road, and the steep, soaring slopes of both mountains are some of the Catskills' most striking scenery, with landslides and rocky cliffs visible. Today it is a popular destination not only for tourists in the region but for outdoor recreationists as well. One of the Catskills' major hiking trails crosses the road near the notch.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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