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Dark rainforests, barren deserts, sandy beaches and snow-capped mountaintops; The state of Oregon has it all. It is true that Oregon covers one of the most geographically diverse areas of land in North America, and it is also true that this diversity has resulted in some of the best motorcycle roads anywhere! After personally spending more than a year exploring Oregon on motorcycles, I can say with confidence that there are a number of motorcycle roads and routes perfectly capable of making your wildest two-wheeled daydreams come true, no matter your riding style!

Mount Hood is perhaps the most iconic volcano of the Cascade Range.
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Finding the Best Motorcycle Roads in Oregon

If you’re unfamiliar with Oregon or certain regions within the state, it is possible to find some pretty good motorcycle routes simply by spending a few hours clicking and dragging on a map of the state… but why do this when you can browse and choose from the best rides in the state in mere moments?! The REVER App is free to use and makes planning out your next motorcycle ride or trip as simple as checking out routes in your intended area and selecting what looks best to you. Then just gas up and go! Create new routes, log your rides and share with friends all within the app. Want even more planning and tracking tools at your disposal? Upgrade your account to REVER Pro for features like turn-by-turn + voice navigation, 3D animated route exploration, weather radar + alerts, and much more. Explore everything that REVER and REVER Pro can offer you when it comes to planning and logging your next motorcycle ride or trip.

Tips for Riding in Oregon

Oregon, if explored in all of it’s extremes, is a state that will put you and your gear setup to a proper, thorough test. In this land anything goes, and if you intend to explore and experience it all on two wheels then that means having everything from well-vented summer gear to insulative rain gear that will keep out the bitterly cold PNW rain. From one extreme to another, a well-thought out layering system will keep you comfortable and best able to enjoy the ride. If riding in the remote deserts that sprawl across the southeastern portion of the state, be sure to carry in a high volume of water via a wearable hydration system or other water storage device. Also consider packing in some extra gasoline so that your bike doesn’t starve while traversing the gas stations that are far-and-few-between in the high desert… Your buddy won’t appreciate having to tow you all the way into town! A RotopaX or fuel bladder are both great solutions for expanding your fuel range. There are, of course, rides and routes in Oregon that won’t require much specialized gear at all. In fact many areas have very consistent and predictable weather all summer long. This being said, always do your due diligence by researching weather forecasts for different points along your intended route. This way there are no surprises that render you unprepared and unhappy while out on your ride.

Oregon Attractions

Close your eyes and dream up a landscape that you’d like to ride through… Whatever you may be picturing, there is a strong likelihood that something very close to it can be found in Oregon! Actually, there are some landscapes found in the state that are even beyond the imagination. Take for example Crater Lake. Named for its appearance as what some would guess is some sort of asteroid impact site, this geological formation is actually a Caldera (the collapsed magma chamber of a once-towering volcano) that has filled with water and formed a pristine, emerald-blue lake rimmed by towering walls of igneous rock. Another such incredible landscape is that of the Alvord Desert, an expansive dry lake bed in the southeastern area of the state backdropped by an impressive mountain range. And yes - you can ride your motorcycle on it! The Oregon coastline is a must-ride destination, given that it is home to some of the best motorcycle roads in all of the American West. Some of the state’s other top destinations include the city of Portland, for its many museums, art galleries and excellent food; the Columbia River Gorge for it’s stunning views, wineries and outdoor recreation; and the Cascade Mountain Range for it’s winter and summer recreational uses.

Photos do Crater Lake no justice. It is a must-see if you visit Oregon!
The expansive and beautiful deserts of Oregon are often overlooked by visitors.

REVER's Top Five Oregon Motorcycle Roads

Ochoco National Forest Loop

Starting near Prineville then heading northeast past Ochoco Reservoir then make a sweet lollipop along the John Day river and then back on more twisty roads.

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Mount Hood Loop

This loop circles the perimeter of Mount Hood using some paved mountain trails and scenic highway. An ADV bike is perfect for the mix of surfaces.

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Three Lynx Loop Out Of Estacada

This loop south of Portland heads down the Clackamas River through Three Lynx on the 224, before jumping on NF46/Clackamas River Road, along Detroit Lake, onto the N Santiam Highway/22, then back to Estacada.

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Carlton To Beaver Loop

This loop heads west out of Carlton to Beaver along the Nestucca Access Road and McGuire Reservoir, through Elk Bend along the Nestucca River. Then back south on Gilbert Creek Road, Coast Creek Road, Williams Creek Road, back on the 18 to McMinnville and to Carlton.

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Columbia River Loop

This is a short but scenic ride out of Troutdale east to Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint and then back along the Columbia on the 84.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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