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One of the most beautifully diverse states in the US, Utah possesses everything from mars-like desert landscapes to white-capped mountaintops. Amazingly, this broad range of terrain can be experienced in a single day aboard your motorcycle, riding some of the best motorcycle roads in the Western United States! After spending a few years exploring the American West on two wheels I can tell you that there really is something special about experiencing Utah on a motorcycle, no matter whether you’re riding an adventure bike, sport bike, cruiser or dual sport. It might just be the mystique of this state’s desert (combined with all the old westerns I watched as a kid), but you should certainly explore the state for yourself and discover everything it has to offer!

The other-worldly landscape of Arches National Park is a sight to behold.
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Finding the Best Motorcycle Roads In Utah

The first time I planned a motorcycle trip through Utah, I spent hours pouring over maps and reading through questionable internet posts discussing the best motorcycle routes. My frustration eventually led me to simply roll the dice on a few routes that looked fun on paper. That first trip was certainly fun, but after putting a few more notches in my belt in the state of Utah, I know that the route I created could have been so much better! Cut the time and frustration out of your route finding process - The REVER App is free to use and makes planning your next ride as simple as browsing routes in your intended area and choosing what looks best to you. Then just gas up and go! Create new routes, log your rides and share with friends all within the app. Want even more planning and tracking tools at your disposal? Upgrade to REVER Pro for features like turn-by-turn + voice navigation, 3D animated route exploration, weather radar + alerts, and much more. Explore everything REVER Pro can provide you on your next motorcycle ride or trip.

Tips for Riding in Utah

As with other states in the AmericanWest, Utah is home to a number of different extremes. Take the time to look into the annual weather patterns of a region before planning a trip for a certain time of year. This will help you to decide when the weather will be most appropriate for the type of motorcycle adventure that you intend to embark on. For example: A few years ago I went on a solo motorcycle trip through Southern Utah in early winter. During the day, the desert was sunny and 60 degrees, arguably perfect conditions for carving up backcountry roads on a motorcycle! However come nighttime, temperatures would plummet into the low teens. Now if your trip involves riding from one sleeping accommodation to another, these conditions would pose no problem as you’d be sleeping soundly in a warm bed each night. However, if you’re spending your nights shivering in a tent (like I was), several consecutive 13-degreenights will make you think twice about ever doing another high-desert motorcycle camping trip during the winter. If you have yet to embark on your first moto camping trip, check out these tips to make sure you are well prepared, which is key to making your experience as enjoyable as possible! If riding during the summer, definitely make sure to use riding gear that is appropriate for hot weather, some examples of which you can browse here. It is also imperative to stay well-hydrated during hot weather rides, which means increasing your water consumption days in advance of your trip and also packing plenty of water with you via a wearable hydration system or similar device. Avoid riding during the hottest hours of the day, and never pass up a good swimming hole!

Utah Attractions

The state of Utah contains some of the most impressive landscapes in North America, so impressive in fact that Hollywood has utilized them as backdrops and movie sets since the early days of filmmaking. Remember that scene in Forrest Gump where he decides, after many months of doing so, that he’s tired of running across the country? How about those scenes of Burt Monroe burning across the bright white salt flats in The World’s Fastest Indian? Surely you remember the grand wilderness survived by mountain man Jerimiah Johnson? Then of course there are the countless westerns filmed in the deserts of Utah through the 50’sand 60’s. In Southern Utah just outside the tiny town of Kenab lies the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, a stunning corridor of towering sand dunes(which I might add, you can tear up on a motorcycle) that has been used as a filming location since the 40’s. Given all this, I guess you could say that Utah’s number one export is it’s natural beauty. A few of the best places to experience this are the state’s National Parks, including Zion NP, Bryce Canyon NP as well as Arches& Canyonlands NP. A region with an extremely deep history of human occupation, there is also much to experience and learn in regards to the Native American cultures of Utah and the greater southwest. To learn more about what awaits you in Utah, visit the state’s official site for travel and tourism.

Bryce Canyon National Park and its unique sandstone spires blanketed in snow.
If you enjoy grand landscapes, you’re sure to love Utah.

REVER's Top Five Utah Motorcycle Roads

Emigration Canyon To E. Canyon Res. / Pineview Res. Loop

This loop heads out of SLC through Emigration Canyon to Canyon Reservoir then north to Pineview Reservoir before heading south into SLC. Emigration to the south and the 39 through Wildwood are definite highlights.

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Electric Lake / Scofield Reservoir Loop

This loop starts southeast of SLC in Fairview, heads south through Huntington, then north to Price then along Scofield Reservoir to the west.

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Parowan To Escalante Via Bryce Nat. Park

This route from Parowan east past Brian Head, then through Dixie National Forest, into Bryce Canyon National Park, and then on to Escalante packs in more scenery than your eyeballs can likely handle. We're warning you...

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Zion Nat. Park Loop Via Hurricane

Heading out of Hurricane, the route heads into the west entrance of Zion National Park, then through the park and out the eastside tunnel onto Highway 9. It then loop down through Kabab, Colorado City, and back to Hurricane.

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Moab ADV / Dual-Sport Loop

Heading out of Moab this dual-sport/ADV loop follows the Colorado River up along the 128 before heading off-highway west on Owl Draw Road, then BLM 163 to Highway 191 back into Moab. Bring water!

<a href="https://rever.app.link/ASXwwoVFtH" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View In App</a>

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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