Ninety Nine Passes & Kimberlin Rode Every One

Honda Pass Bagger Challenge leader hones in on 100.

Honda Pass Bagger Challenge leader hones in on 100.    

The Honda Pass Bagger Challenge was created to encourage REVER users to get out and explore and ride their motorcycles to places that they’ve never been. What could be a better motivator than trying to link together mountain passes, taking in awesome scenery, and hopefully experiencing some adventure along the way? REVER has geofenced close to 300 passes in the United States as POIs, check them out and then go and conquer!

Earn exclusive Pass Bagger stickers at the following milestones: 5, 10, 25, 40, 75, 100.

As of early November, Jeff Kimberlin leads the way with 99 passes to his credit. While the top-10 have combined to summit 577 passes!

“The most appealing part was finding and riding all the backroads whether paved or dirt that I would never have ridden otherwise,” said Kimberlin. “Spending hours on REVER and google maps planning the most efficient route, mixing paved/dirt roads and how to maximize each ride to bag the most passes. My favorite pass was Beartooth pass in Northern Wyoming. The ride up Beartooth Highway was amazing-it should be on everyones bucket list.”

Views like this get burned into your brain.


Black Bear Pass, Colorado.

The rest of the top-10 read as follows: 2. Rob C aka R-Dub (77), 3. Mike Roman (57), 4. John Wener (54), 5. Jim Bardin (53), 6. Rider Marc (52), 7. Randy Bishop (51), 8. William Reynolds (46), 9. Wendy Battles (45), 10. Rodney Goddard (43).

Since we can, we’ll toot our own horn by saying that four out of five of the top visited passes in the Challenge are in awesome state of Colorado. Leading the way is 1. Trout Creek Pass (65 visits), 2. Vail Pass (62), 3. Deals Gap (59), 4. Ute Pass (55), 5. Kenosha Pass (54). Of those the super popular Deals Gap isn’t much of a surprise, as some of the best riding in the country can be found in the North Carolina area and is on the Tail of the Dragon, one of the best motorcycle roads anywhere.

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Tail of the Dragon

If you’ve never ridden the famous Tail of the Dragon, here is the route from Deals Gap in the south to Chilhowee to the north. You will also grab the Deals Gap Honda Pass Bagger POI along the way.

Pass Bagger Five Pack: CO

Want to knock out five easy passes on a scenic Colorado Loop? You could come up with 20 of these routes in Colorado, but here is a suggestion that we think anyone would enjoy.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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