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Put your favorite route on the map, literally! Any tracked or planned ride can be added to the discover section of REVER to inspire other riders. Find routes all over the world submitted by local riders who are in-the-know. Check out how to submit your rides and establish yourself as a route expert.

REVER was created to discover, track, navigate and share the best places to ride motorcycles anywhere. It was a concept that started with a paper map company featuring the best segments of road verified by actual riders. REVER took that idea into the digital age and we've been working to perfect that concept ever since. With the Community Curated discover group, we are expanding our collection of curated routes, making it an even more comprehensive platform for riders worldwide. By engaging the expertise and passion of local riders all around the world, we are really excited to build on our highly curated content and offer a diverse range of routes that cater to different riding styles and preferences. With the REVER platform, riders everywhere can contribute to an extensive library of amazing rides for everyone to enjoy.

How To Submit Community Curated Rides

Any user can submit a route for Discover to inspire others. First, you will start by either tracking a ride with the mobile app or creating a ride using our three powerful routing engines. Either way you start, when you go to save the ride, there is now a toggle switch that says “Submit Ride For Discover.” Just toggle that on to send it to a REVER team member for review and acceptance. If it makes the cut it will be added to the Paved or Adventure Community Curated discover group with a link back to your profile crediting you as the route creator.

What Are We Looking For?

First and foremost, we’re looking for interesting and creative routes that can stand alone as a single ride. Ideally, your route is under 300 miles and includes any combination of the following; scenic landscapes, fun and engaging roads or captivating destinations. Before you submit, think about whether your ride is one that you would recommend to a friend or someone visiting your area.

Next, help people understand what’s good about this ride. You should include a title that identifies something about the ride i.e. (where it begins, where it ends, or any notable geographic features or roads). Alternatively, if there is a well known nickname for the route, this is also appropriate. 

Then, tell the story of the ride in the description. Where does it go? What will people see? What notable stops are along the way? You can also include the route conditions, but don’t get too carried away as roads and weather conditions are constantly changing. Also, if this ride is really well suited to a specific bike, like a scooter or a dual sport, note it in the description. 

Last, show us the goods (no, not those ones). Please include photos of the twisty roads, scenic overlooks or off-the-wall, weird and wonderful places to stop. Try not to include photos of people, especially kids or people that haven't given you permission. Remember, these rides will be viewable by all REVER users.

Here are a couple examples of rides submitted by users:

US Rides

Northwest Region:

<a href="" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View Ride</a>

Southwest Region:

<a href="" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View Ride</a>

Southeast Region:

<a href="" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View Ride</a>

Northeast Region:

<a href="" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View Ride</a>

Midwest Region:

<a href="" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View Ride</a>

International Rides

Pasig to Sorsogon City | Mount Mayon View

<a href="" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View Ride</a>

Highland Heritage Ride

<a href="" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View Ride</a>

Cabot Trail

<a href="" class="btn article-preview__btn w-button">View Ride</a>

What Happens If You Don’t Make The Cut?

Not all rides will be accepted. We will review every single ride to ensure the above standards have been met and we may take a few creative liberties to help other riders see the value in your ride. If we still have questions we'll send you an email to suggest some improvements. You can simply edit your ride from a link in the email and we’ll take a second look. When your ride is accepted, you will receive an email letting you know.

So, whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, we invite you to share and discover new routes with REVER riders from around the world.

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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