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Discover and ride the best single track trails in Colorado’s national forests! Create custom routes, track and share your rides, or try one of our expert staff selected picks to enjoy the best OHV trails in Colorado.

Colorado OHV Trails

So you’re wanting to explore some of Colorado’s single track trail offerings… We think that’s a great idea. Colorful Colorado’s status as a premiere off-road recreation destination has elevated the allure of the state to an all-time (rocky mountain) high. Whether it’s your first time exploring Colorado on a dirt bike, or you’ve been riding the trails here since enduro bikes came equipped with carburetors and forks that are right-side-up, you can be sure that there is plenty of two-wheeled fun to be had in these mountains.

Finding the Best Single Track Dirt Bike Trails in Colorado

Our goal is to make discovering, planning and logging your next ride as easy as possible. The REVER App is free to use and makes finding a state’s best off-road trails as simple as browsing the map using Discover and choosing what routes you want to ride and explore.

Points of Interest in the Colorado’s National Forests

Crystal Mill

When daydreaming about your rocky mountain riding trip, there’s probably a lot more floating around inside your head than just the trail beneath your tires. Prominent mountain peaks, crystal-clear alpine streams, and tall forests of evergreen are certainly all part of the experience you have in mind. Colorado’s natural features are certainly its greatest points of interest, and there are few better ways to experience them than from the saddle of a motorcycle. A rich pioneer and mining history adds a human element to the rugged beauty that is so abundant in these parts, resulting in unforgettable off-road routes such as Schofield Pass to Crystal Mill. Colorado’s mountain towns, each offering their own unique appearance and history, make ideal lunch or coffee stops between trail missions (in addition to being convenient places to top off your gas tank). It’s difficult not to stumble across something interesting while trail riding in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Single Track Trails

Colorado offers a number of solid options for riders of just about every skill level. Are you relatively new to riding trails and want to experience some rocky mountain single track without getting yourself into anything too gnarly? Give Aberdeen Loop OHV Trail and Waunita OHV Trail a try. If you’re looking for a more challenging trail riding experience, check out Fossil Ridge OHV Trail and Canyon Creek OHV Trail + Horseshoe Creek OHV Trail. Mix up your single track adventures with some High-Clearance 4X4 trail action on Pearl Pass Trail or Tincup Pass Trail, two legendary Colorado 4X4 routes that peak at over 12,000ft of elevation. 

Colorado’s national forests have plenty of moderate-difficulty trails to choose from, making them an ideal destination for enduro / dual sport riding. Simply use the REVER app to view the map area, tap the binocular icon on the top right to activate Discover and select your desired trail type(s), then explore your riding options. Tap on a trail to learn its name and difficulty along with any other important information, and to offline or navigate the trail.

Camping and Lodging in Colorado

Old Cabin in Crested Butte

With more than 10,000,000 acres of national forest land spread throughout the state, your options for camping in Colorado are virtually endless. From dispersed camping in remote areas to improved campsites with amenities, you can easily tailor your camping experience to your own preferences. Wanting to maximize your Colorado trail riding trip experience? Consider renting a cabin or house in the Gunnison / Crested Butte area, located in close proximity to some of the state’s best off road routes. You can find more information on camping and cabin rentals in the Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests on the USFS camping/cabin landing page

It’s no mystery why Colorado is one of the top off-road riding destinations in the US. The world-class trails surrounded by high-alpine scenery, the legendary mountain-pass 4X4 routes that climb high above the treeline, and a rich history of mining, mountaineering and exploration that you can still see and experience today are just a few of the unique factors that make a trail riding trip in Colorado so unforgettable.

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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