DESTINATIONS: Five Bucket-List Rides #1

Here are five Bucket-List Rides to help inspire your next ride-of-a-lifetime.

Every motorcyclist has a list in their head of places they one day dream of riding. For some, it’s more about the destination (Sturgis, Daytona, Isle of Man TT, Laguna Seca), but most will admit that the ride is as important if not more so than where they arrive at the end of the day. Here are five Bucket-List Rides to help inspire your next ride-of-a-lifetime.

Passo del Stelvio, Italy

1) Gavia, Stelvio, Ofenpass Passes, Italy:
This loop hits two of the most famous passes in northern Italy, The Stelvio and Gavia, and then loops back west across the Ofenpass down through Livigno and back to Ponte di Legno at the base of the southern end of the Gavia. The star of the show is definitely the Stelvio, which has a seemingly endless series of switchbacks. At the top of the pass, grab a coffee and kick tires with the hordes of motorcyclists gathered to ride.

Gavia, Stelvio, Ofenpass Passes, Italy

Colorado BDR

2)  Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route:
The Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route is a multi-day off-road adventure that sends dual-sport motorcycle riders through the most dramatic and rugged landscapes in Colorado. The route begins at the Four Corners National Monument in southern Colorado and ends 675 miles away at the Colorado-Wyoming border. This route utilizes a variety of unpaved roads with rocks, mud, sand and water crossing to make it fun and challenging. It is intended for intermediate to advanced riders and can be ridden on most street legal dual-sport and adventure motorcycles.

Colorado BDR

Tanami Track, Northern Territory, Australia

3) Northern Territory Australia, Tanami Track:
If you want to see what the Outback is all about, this is your route. Starting in Koongie Park and heading to Alice Springs, this route offers vast open terrain with very few services. Although the riding itself isn't ultra challenging, but the remoteness, lack of services, and distance can't be taken lightly. Do your homework and plan accordingly.

Tanami Track, Northern Territory, Australia

Pacific Coast Highway, California

4) Pacific Coast Highway, California: San Juan Capistrano To Leggett:
California's Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is one of America's most famous stretches of road measuring just over 700 miles from San Juan Capistrano north of San Diego and ending at the 101 in Leggett in Mendocino County. If you really want to do the road in its entirety this is it. But that also means in addition to amazing coastal views for hours on end in some of the most scenic sections, you'll also have to endure passing through the meat of Long Beach, Western Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Pacific Coast Highway, California: San Juan Capistrano To Leggett

Isle of Man

5) Isle Of Man TT:
Since 1907 there has been no greater motorcycle road race on earth. The most courageous racers from around the world gather to race the famous public road course through the Isle of Mans stunning countryside. Since the race runs on roads typically open to the public you can experience the same drama, albietslightly lower speeds. It has been a tradition perhaps started by racing competitors in the early 1920s for spectators to tour the Snaefell Mountain Course on motorcycles during the Isle of Man TT on "Mad Sunday,"an informal and unofficial sanctioned event held on the Sunday between 'Practice Week' and 'Race Week.'

Isle of Man TT Course

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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