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Dive in to discover the intricacies of our recently updated Communities in REVER, uncovering their many functions, ease of use, and how they can help maximize your rides.

Riders gathering at Cycle Gear for Bike Night. Photo by Luke Darigan.

Let’s get real. “Community” has become a buzzword in the modern day. Its prevalence in the marketing world makes many people roll their eyes back in their head due to the often ironic application. When it comes to motorsport communities, however, there may be a glimmer of hope for humanity. At REVER we’re excited to announce improvements to our Community feature that makes collaborating, sharing and supporting easier than ever.

So, what is the purpose of community? That’s a question I think about a lot. As REVER’s Community and Content Coordinator, it is the first fifty percent of my title (see my last post for the other half). While I had a good idea of a community's purpose, I decided to ask the great purveyor of our collective human knowledge: ChatGPT. It told me the purpose of community is to foster a sense of belonging, provide support and opportunities for growth, and enable collaboration and cooperation. Which is really convenient, because that is exactly what communities do in REVER. 

Friend of REVER and big rally guy, Ken N., showing his enthusiasm for #community. Photo by Luke Darigan.

Communities have the potential to be more than just groups of rides for groups of riders. It’s a tool that was built for many different people. A few examples are; the trail builder or land manager who wants to share the intended trails and information for the area they manage, the trip planner or ride leader who wants to organize all tracks and routes for a planned ride to share with a group, or the shop owner who wants to display their local route knowledge and shop events for potential customers. All of these things are possible in REVER, and now they are even easier with the ability to create communities in both the web and mobile app. 

That’s right, you can now manage and share featured rides from anywhere. That means a trail builder can literally finish building a trail, track it in REVER and add it to their community at the trailhead. A trip planner or ride leader can update featured rides when plans change on the road. A shop owner can track a ride and add it to the community for a group ride or bike night. By sharing a deep link to your community, you can instantly get an entire group on the same page (or track). Easily remove rides on closed trails or closed roads so your community is always in the know. 

REVER's Marketing Manager, Bjorn Bredeson, showing how to use REVER. Photo by Luke Darigan

We’ve learned a thing or two about featuring rides for large groups of people over the last few years as the official navigation app and GPS service at Get On! ADV Fest and other rallies. Being able to update rides quickly and easily, then sharing the most up-to-date rides in a community is what makes REVER the clear choice for these events. One of the realities of managing routes for an event is that not everyone wants to download and use a new app just to participate. For those who may use their own GPS device or another app, GPX files can be exported from the website and shared via email or text.

Anyone with a free REVER account can join and participate. You can choose to make your community public or private and you can invite friends to join or even contribute their own tracks and routes by adding them as an admin. Members of the community can navigate rides and give feedback by adding comments on routes. Get the group together by adding events to your community and meet up in real life.  

The beauty of Communities in REVER is the simplicity. Our tech team focused on the usability of this feature without losing the plot. We understand that communities can be used for so many different purposes and we can’t wait to see how the REVER community innovates beyond our imaginations. Sure, there are features that can be added but, we encourage you to try out communities, get people engaged and share your limitations with us so we can continue to help #MakeEveryRideCount.

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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