It’s a Nice Day For a White Sledding!

Get up to speed on five features you can use for your snowmobile/snowbike adventures!

We love motorcycles here at REVER, as a matter of fact there isn’t a single person that works here that doesn’t ride both streetbikes and dirtbikes. But we dig just about anything with engines. The cool thing is that REVER works awesome with our other interests, too. Snowmobiles? Check. Off-roading? Check. Side-by-sides? Check. Watercraft? Check. 

It doesn’t matter if your activity takes you into the desert, through a snowy forest, or rock hopping along the Rubicon, REVER can get you there, navigate you through your route, let you share your routes, and help you find new places to go. 

Snowbikes, Snowmobiles, Snowcats, Tanks, you can use them with REVER.

Since REVER is based in Colorado, USA, and we are beginning to get buried in snow, we’ll start with how you can use rever in the fluffy white stuff on your snowmobile or snowbike. Although the available features in the app remain virtually identical for all use cases, these are the features that we feel are best suited for on-snow activities.

FOX Chris Burandt iQS Challenge
Do you think you ride your snowmobile or snowbike a lot? Then prove it. Join the FOX Chris Burandt iQS Challenge and log as many hour-plus, snow-machine rides this winter as possible (between January 17th and February 29th) and see how high you can climb up the leaderboard. It’s a Nice Day For a White Sledding! Random weekly winners will be selected from the leaderboard and awarded swag bags from FOX and KLIM. At the conclusion of the Challenge, the rider with the most rides (that meet the spirit of the rules) will be awarded a set of FOX Chris Burandt iQS snowmobile shocks, second place will receive a $1500 KLIM gift card, while third place will be able to order a custom sled wrap from ArcticFX. See complete rules for details. Join the FOX Chris Burandt iQS Challenge here.

Track A Ride
The very first thing you should do, is by far the easiest REVER feature to use: tracking. Want to see where you rode, have a record of the ride’s duration, distance, average speed, maximum speed, elevation gain, and max elevation? Simply hit the Start Tracking button, put the phone in your pocket and forget about it until the end of your ride. You can even switch your phone to airplane mode and your phone’s GPS continues to track with or without cellular signal. 

When you have completed your ride, name it, add a description, select a ride type, and add a photo. Then choose if you want the ride to be Private or Public. (If you have joined a challenge on REVER, you will not get credit unless you choose Public). 

That’s it. Wasn’t that easy? Which leads us to the next thing to do.  

Snow Surface Type Added
As requested by sledheads, and snowbike riders, we’ve added Snow as a surface type to distinguish those activities from the existing powersports ride types, such as Dirt, Mixed, or Paved.

Snow Machines Added to Garage
You can now add snowmobiles to your garage in the Profile section of the app including the year, make and model. Brands like Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha include the most up-to-date model list available.

Track, Finish, Fill in Ride Details and Save.

Discover Places To Ride
Do you repeatedly ride in the same area? Have you blown out all of your powder stashes? Go somewhere new! Visit our Snow section under Discover and easily navigate to your next riding destination! 

REVER's Discover section for Snow, can be found in mobile and on our planning website.

In the REVER app, we have a safety suite that is intended to help give your family and friends peace of mind while you are out in the backcountry. What is included in the safety suite? 

  • Show Friends on Map (iOS only): See your friends on the map and share your location with friends
  • Share a Link: Allow friends and family to follow along in near-real time
  • Send Safety SMS: Automatic notifications sent to individuals on your list when you start/finish a ride, including a link to your location. 

Now, this feature may be one of the coolest features that allows you to replay your sled shreds. When you have one of those unforgettable days, a static line just doesn’t do it justice, so that's why we have 3D Flyover. 

Replay tracked rides or preview planned or Discovery routes! If you click on the ride, you’ll see the little 3D icon on the bottom right. Tap that thing and allow the 3D model to render. 

You will then see three options: EXPLORE, PLAY, and RECORD. 

  • EXPLORE: This is an interactive map that allows you to zoom and pan around the riding area within the 3D model. Find the perfect angle, tap the share arrow icon, and boom, share that money shot to your social feed. 
  • PLAY: The next option in the menu is PLAY. This is fairly self explanatory, but click PLAY and enjoy a virtual-navigation replay through your route from start to finish. 
  • RECORD: Finally, if you dig (no, not the digging you did when you got stuck) the playback you checked out in PLAY, record and export it to share with your friends and family. You can pick either a 15- or 30-second replay.

Still not rad enough? Make sure your phone’s camera-location services settings are turned on and take photos along the way. When you’re done with your ride, upload photos and they will pop up and display along your 3D-Flyover playback in the location on the map that they were taken. 

Let’s say that your riding buddies were slackers and didn’t join you on the most epic, deep powder day of the year. Or, you want to let your social feed know what you have been up to, there are multiple ways that you can let others get a glimpse of what you’ve been up to. 

  • Share This Image: simply share an image that you uploaded to your ride or an image of your track with preselected data overlays. 
  • Share Link To This Ride: sharing this generates a link that directs your friends and family into the REVER app to check out your ride.
  • Share 3D Flyover: This feature is described above, but this is one of the best ways to share your sled adventures. Export the animated video for your friends to see how much you were able to get out and explore. Make sure to add photos to really give the ride some life. 

Join The Chris Burandt iQS Challenge Now!


"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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