Have Snow Mercy Challenge Is Live

Trapped in snow? Join the Snow No Mercy Challenge!

For the third winter in a row we've created a snow-based challenge for those snowmobile and snowbike riders out there. So, if you're looking for a fun winter contest and want go compete for some cool prizes from KLIM and ArcticFX, this is your chance.

It’s that time of year, time to slay the powder with our Have Snow Mercy Challenge! Sitting inside by the fire is so 2021, so get outdoors and ride your sled or snowbike. Compete for prizes from KLIM, ArcticFX, and REVER. Get out and record as many miles and/or one-hour-plus rides in the app and mark the surface type as snow when you save.

This challenge is based on the number of one-hour-plus snowmobile/snowbike rides, and also, total mileage tracked on a snow machine in your REVER app between 12:01 p.m M.S.T January 1st to 11:59 p.m. M.S.T March 31st 2022. Prizes will be awarded to the user with the most miles, and to the user with the most rides. See Prizes tab for more details. In the event that the same rider achieves both, REVER will select the next rider on the leaderboard, with the leader having first right of refusal on choice of prize.

Rides imported from another source or rides that have been planned but not recorded do not count. This challenge is FREE to join for any member of REVER with no purchase necessary. Riders may join the Challenge at any point between the start and end dates, but only rides after you have joined will be counted. Rides marked private will not count.

The REVER staff will check potential winners’ rides to confirm they meet the spirit of the rules. Rides must have surface type set to SNOW upon save. Motorcycle or car rides will not count. For rides to be eligible for the ride-count award, rides must exceed one hour. The REVER staff has the right to disqualify any rides that do not meet these guidelines or withhold the intention of the challenge. Cheaters never prosper, so don't bother...

1) The participant with the most mileage on a snowmobile or snowbike during the month of February will be eligible for a KLIM Krew Pak. Rides must have surface type set to SNOW upon save.
2) The Participant with the most one-hour plus snowmobile or snowbike rides during the month of February will be eligible for a REVER-branded ArcticFX sled wrap. Rides must have surface type set to SNOW upon save.


"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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