DESTINATIONS: Honda Gold Wing, Midwest U.S.

Six recommended Gold Wing routes in the Midwest U.S.

Ride #1: Honda Gold Wing: Lake Michigan Circumnavigation

Distance: 867 miles

Points of Interest:

  • Indian Dunes
  • Mackinac Island


Take a ride around the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Michigan. Along the way, explore the beaches, dunes, and forests that compose the landscape around Lake Michigan. This ride should be broken up into two days in order to explore the shores of Lake Michigan. Stay the night in Mackinaw City and take the time to check out Mackinac Island.

Ride #2: Honda Gold Wing: Missouri Exploration Tour

Distance: 278 miles

Points of Interest:

  • Gateway Arch
  • Mark Twain National Forest
  • Meramec State Park/Miramiguoa Park
  • Weldon Spring Site 


Kick this ride off in the city of St. Louis at the iconic Gateway Arch. I mean, come on, a Gold Wing and the Gateway Arch? Pretty epic! Then head out to Mark Twain National Forest for a beautiful ride that will bring you up to Meramac State Park and Miramiguoa Park. You will then carry on through Weldon Spring Site, a nuclear waste adventure trail. Finish off the ride with some mellow riding back to the city.

Ride #3: Honda Gold Wing: Iowa Tour

Distance: 550 miles

Points of Interest:

  • Amana Colonies
  • Grotto of Redemption
  • Field of Dreams
  • Pikes Peak State Park


Take a tour to some of the most iconic and notable places Iowa has to offer. Check out the Amana Colonies for a more relaxed experience then cruise to what some people call the eighth wonder of the world, Grotto of Redemption. Roll onto those 1833CCs and head across the state to the Field of Dreams and take a gander at this famous location. Head on up to Pikes Peak State Park to invite some natural beauty into your ride before you head back to the city to finish up this ride. Break it into two days or crush it into one, but enjoy what Iowa has to offer through the cockpit of the Gold Wing.

Ride #4: Honda Gold Wing: Lake Superior North Shore and More

Distance: 502 miles

Points of Interest: 

  • North Shore of Lake Superior
  • Grand Marais
  • Voyageurs National Park


Explore the North Shore of Lake Superior from the bars of a Gold Wing and carry up the North Shore Scenic Drive out of Duluth to Grand Marais. This would be a good lunch location to and enjoy Lake Superior from its shore. Dip back down and across to Voyageurs National Park near the Canadian border. Then cruise on down near Grand Rapids and back to Duluth. 

Ride #5: Honda Gold Wing: Cheese, Cornbread and Butter Loop

Distance: 470 miles

Points of Interest:

  • The Little Deals Gap of the Midwest
  • Lake Pepin
  • Wisconsin River


Tag three states in one ride on this loop of out Madison, Wisconsin. Head north and hop on the Little Deal’s Gap of the Midwest with Highway 33 to LaCrosse for a thrilling Gold Wing ride. Then, you carry on up along Lake Pepin to Red Wing, on the Gold Wing, awkward... Then touchdown in Minnesota and then head back south along Lake Pepin to Iowa. Finish the ride off with some scenic riding on Wisconsin 60 along the Wisconsin River.

Ride #6: Honda Gold Wing: Black Hills Tour

Distance: 412 miles

Points of Interest:

  • Vanocker Canyon
  • Spearfish Canyon/Bridal Veil Falls
  • Custer State Park
  • Badlands National Park
  • Iron Mountain Road
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Needles Highway
  • Rockerville Road


This area is home to one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the country and for good reason, it is not just about the party. The roads in the surrounding area are some of the most incredible motorcycle roads in the country, not to mention the iconic tourist destinations. This ride heads through of Vanocker Canyon and heads for Sturgis and over to Spearfish to tag into Spearfish Canyon and navigate over to Custer State Park. After that, you will take an out and back to Badlands National Park to absorb the rugged beauty from the Gold Wing. Up next, these two roads are some of the most epic motorcycle roads and will be fun and technical on the Gold Wing. Luckily, you can take a breather in-between at the historical site, Mount Rushmore. Finish strong while heading back into Rapid City on Rockerville Road.

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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