New Riding Season, New Way To Discover Rides!

Spring is just around the corner and we are ready to hit the apex as those of us in colder climates head into riding season. Through the winter months, the REVER tech team has been hard at work under the valve covers getting ready for the big annual app update, Version Seven. Now, for the consumer, the version number may not matter, nor does that number showcase the big differences in the app, but for the team here, it signifies a huge change in the product. This is the next evolution of the REVER app and we are really excited to bring this to our REVER riders.


Upon first glance, loyal REVER users may be shocked at the removal of the second tab in the app, Discover. WHAT? HOW WILL I DISCOVER RIDES?! Historically, we have had two separate tabs that feature a map: Track tab and Discover tab. Our development team did a whole bottom-end rebuild to combine the two to make the middle tab, MAP. This is where any user can now discover rides, plan routes, and navigate.

Discovering your next ride has never been easier! 

How to Discover Rides

As the app launches, you will land on the MAP tab and upon first launch, you will see “Cool Routes Here” in the upper right corner. After the first couple launches, this will evolve into a binocular-looking icon which is where you will discover rides now. Rides are broken out into three categories: Paved, Adventure, and Off-Road, which will allow riders to really find what they are looking for based on their riding style, preference and experience. 


Within paved, you will find all kinds of curated roads and routes for your asphalt carving needs. The first category is Incredible Roads, which will showcase all Butler Maps route recommendations. If you are unfamiliar with Butler Maps, these are all roads that have been ridden and rated on how scenic, twisty and dramatic they are. Outside of Butler Maps’ Incredible Roads, there is the Featured Routes category that showcases all the hand-curated routes from REVER, select partners, and super-users. These routes are not your typical route to the grocery store, but custom, epic rides from around the world and we are always actively adding more. 

For the asphalt-carving enthusiasts, you will find top rated roads like Independence Pass, CO. Photo: Daniel Milchev


The second category in the newest Discover is the adventure category. Previously, Discover featured a mixed surface category and while some of these routes may be mixed, these are the best rides for bikes that aren’t afraid to step off the pavement. In this category, we have Incredible Roads from Butler Maps again, but this time focusing on scenic ADV dirt roads, Paved Mountain Trails that are a little rougher on the edges, and Lost Highways like Route 66. As we move out of the Incredible Roads category, we have a Dirt Roads category, a Hard ADV category which will be more high clearance roads and two-track dirt roads, Featured Mixed surface routes and the iconic Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR). Just toggle on any route category and discover your next adventure. 

Explore off-the-beaten path routes like the Moki Dugway with Backcountry Discovery Routes under Adventure. Photo: Bjorn Bredeson


Last, but certainly not least is the Off-Road category which showcases featured dirt routes, single track, twin track, motocross tracks and OHV areas. The featured route category will include routes for all off-road enthusiasts like ADV/dual-sport riders, side-by-side drivers and even 4x4 vehicles. For the first time in REVER, you can discover USFS Single-Track routes in California and Colorado (more areas coming soon, stay tuned). Outside of that, Twin-Track is going to feature High-Clearance 4x4 routes and Two-Track dirt roads for great ADV rides or side-by-side adventures. In the MX Tracks and OHV Areas categories, you can find places to ride your motocross bike or OHV oriented vehicle and get directions to those locations. 

Bringing It All Together

With the merging of the Discover tab and Track tab into the new Map tab, finding cool places to ride and actually using them to navigate has never been easier. With that, it allows our content to be more dynamic through the use of tagging so one route may get to live in multiple categories to really help riders find their route preferences. Once you have your selected route tags, you can view them on all the Map and click anywhere on the route line to find out more information. Once you tap on a route, the ride detail card will appear from the bottom and if you navigate into that, it will provide you with even more detail. 

Our content team is hard at work building and creating the best hand-curated routes daily and they will be populated in Discover when they are created. We know there are many places to ride, but with our new Discover Categories you can be sure to find exactly what you want to ride. 

P.S. If you are a passionate route builder or rider and see something we are missing, we are happy to review and add it to Discover, just send it over to with a title, photo, description and which category you think this route should live under. 

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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