Nothing Shouts Freedom Like A Motorcycle Ride!

Link together your motorcycle rides this Fourth of July weekend with these landmarks around the USA.

Why not pepper your 4th of July ride with some great patriotic POIs!

Chances are, you like to ride your motorcycle for the freedom it offers, there is not a better day to ride than the 4th of July. As we navigate the hills, cruise the canyons, drift on the dirt, we may be present, but we must not forget our past. Link together your motorcycle rides with these historical landmarks from around the United States of America. Just paste the GPS coordinate into REVER's trip planner and build a sweet ride! 

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Liberty Bell - Philadelphia, PA

39.949585, -75.150277

One of the most notable landmarks is none other than the Liberty Bell. This bell was used to summon the citizens of Philadelphia to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. If you are in the area, put this landmark in as a stop along your route, toggle on Twisty Roads algorithm and find the best way there! 

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Mount Rushmore - Keystone, SD

43.879110, -103.459067

The spectacular beauty of four Presidential faces carved into the side of a mountain is an American classic point of interest. Not only is this historical landmark a sight to see, the riding that surrounds the monument is phenomenal. 

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The Alamo - San Antonio, TX

29.426032, -98.486174

The Battle of the Alamo may have come after the Declaration of Independence, but it is a reminder of independence of Texas from Mexico. This POI is nestled into San Antonio, Texas, and is just outside the epic riding of the Hill Country. 

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Washington Monument - Washington, DC

38.889479, -77.035268

Located in the heart of the National Mall, this tall freestanding monument is hard to miss. Celebrate this great country with a ride around the Capitol and marvel at the most famous POIs.

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Gateway Arch - St. Louis, MO

38.624641, -90.184787

The Gateway Arch commemorates Thomas Jefferson’s vision of the expansion of the Transcontinental U.S. and is a gateway to the west. Tick off this National Park in the Park Ranger Challenge and head west for some epic riding just outside the city. 

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Pearl Harbor Memorial - O’ahu, HI

21.364844, -157.949985

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was the impetus for America’s declaration to enter World War Two in full force. This event was the catalyst that changed America and the world for generations to come. For you island dwellers or visitors, take the time to visit the USS Arizona and then take a sweet ride around O’ahu. 

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USS Midway Museum - San Diego, CA

32.713756, -117.175144

What was once one of the longest-serving military aircraft carriers has now been transformed into a floating museum located in San Diego Navy Pier in California. Whether you just want to cruise by this on your bike or take the time to enrich your knowledge, this is a great landmark for American history lovers. 

This is a view worth celebrating... If you make it to the flag! 

American Flag Mountain - Crested Butte, CO

38.932760, -106.718090

This may not be the most historical landmark, but this is an in-house REVER favorite to celebrate the 4th of July and features an American flag staffed high at the top of a mountain. This is not for the faint of heart, it requires a dirt bike, ADV bike or anything capable of off-road riding & driving. 

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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