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Prescott National Forest OHV Trails

Bradshaw Mountains Overlook. Photo by

When gold was discovered in the Bradshaw Mountains in 1863, hundreds of miners from throughout the southwest chased their dreams into the mountain range directly south of Prescott, Arizona, hoping to find their fortune in one of the many creeks that carve through the rugged terrain. More than 150 years later there’s plenty of treasure still waiting to be discovered in the area now known as the Prescott National Forest, Where the Desert Meets the Pines, however this treasure won’t require you to pack in shovels, pickaxes and gold pans, as it exists in the form of some of the best OHV trails in the American Southwest!

Finding the Best Off-Road Trails in the Prescott National Forest

Our goal is to make discovering, planning and tracking your next ride as easy as possible. The REVER App is free to use and makes finding a state’s best off-road trails as simple as browsing the map using Discover and choosing what routes you want to ride and explore.

Points of Interest in the Prescott National Forest

Although the exceptional trail riding alone is enough reason to plan a trip to the Prescott National Forest, there are a number of factors that make this area an even more exciting and interesting place to explore. More than 40 ghost towns are scattered throughout the Bradshaw Mountains, all remnants of the mining boom that took place here in the late 1800’s. Abandoned miner’s cabins and the ruins of mining operations are a common site while trail riding in the Prescott National Forest. Riders who are interested in hitting some excellent trails on their way out to explore an abandoned mining operation can check out the Yankee Doodle Trail, Bradshaw Trail, S Senator Highway Off-Road Loop. This loop includes a mix of single track trail, twin track trail and twisting dirt roads, as well as a stop at Del Pasco Mine, one of the oldest mines in the Bradshaw Mountains. 

Cowtown is a ghost town in the Bradshaw Mountains. Photo by

Prior to the 19th-century arrival of gold-fevered Americans, indigenous peoples had mined copper from the same mountains for hundreds of years and had inhabited the region for thousands of years before that. Riders who are up for an adventure on-foot can park their bikes off of Salida Connection OHV Trail 9263 and hike Salida Gulch Trail 95 (a non-motorized trail) to discover a number of petroglyphs left behind by the indigenous peoples. Salida Gulch Trail is considered one of the best hiking trails in the Prescott area, so if you are planning to spend some time riding and exploring the OHV Trails surrounding Lynx Lake (Salida Connection OHV Trail 9263, Salida OHV Trail 93, Prospectors OHV Trail 42, Red Mountain OHV Trail 43, Seven Mile Gulch OHV Trail 9854, and Charcoal Gulch OHV Trail 9419, to recommend a few), consider packing in your hiking boots!

Valley Verde Petroglyphs

Riding Options in the Prescott National Forest

The Prescott National Forest offers a number of solid options for just about every type of off-road rider. Are you new to adventure riding and want to see what the Prescott NF has to offer without getting in over your head? Check out Wolf Creek Loop OHV Trail 384 and Alto Coop OHV Trail 619, while enjoying the many scenic dirt roads that lie in-between (try using REVER’s ADVanced Offroad Planner to create a custom route linking the two trails). Maybe you’re a seasoned adventure bike wrangler and are looking to get after it on some of the Prescott National Forests' more difficult trails. Give Box T OHV Trail 511 and South Benches OHV Trail 56 a try. 

If you’re bringing out a dual sport or enduro bike, definitely check out some or all of the area’s single track trails. Expect lots of rock gardens, sand, and creekbed crossings. We recommend Yankee Doodle OHV Trail 284, Arrastra Creek OHV Trail 275, and Bullroad OHV Trail 202 just to name a few. 

Be prepared for some trailside maintenance. Photo by Justin Bradshaw.

The Prescott NF has plenty of moderate-difficulty trails to choose from, making it an ideal destination for dual sport and adventure bike riding. Simply use the REVER app to view the map area, tap the binocular icon on the top right to activate Discover and select your desired trail type(s), then explore your riding options. Tap on a trail to learn its name and difficulty along with any other important information, and to offline or navigate the trail.

Just northwest of Camp Verde, the Hayfield Draw OHV Area offers 80 acres of off-road playground for you to enjoy. Sand washes, turn tracks, and a number of designated trails make this area a perfect place to spend a day working on your off-road riding skills.

Old Senator Mine in the Bradshaw Mountains. Photo by

Camping and Lodging in the Prescott National Forest

There are a number of options for those looking to camp during their visit to the Prescott National Forest. Dispersed camping areas and campgrounds with amenities can be found at both lower and higher elevation areas of the Prescott NF, allowing visitors to tailor their experience to their preferred camping style and the season during which their visit takes place. Planning to come out with a larger group of riding buddies? The Prescott NF also has four group campgrounds that are available by reservation. Maximize your multi-day riding trip to the Prescott National Forest by lodging in one of the three historic cabins that are available to rent. Horsethief Cabin is located in close proximity to some of the area’s best OHV trails. More information on camping and lodging in the Prescott National Forest, along with links to make reservations, can be found on the Prescott NF website.

Between its Wild West history, rugged beauty, and excellent OHV offerings, the Prescott National Forest has a lot to offer visitors who prefer recreation on two wheels - We highly recommend considering it as a destination for your next off-road riding trip.

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