REVER Riders' Lockdown Rides

REVER users share some of their favorite, fantasy and future planned rides.

In the midst of 2020’s Corona-virus lockdown, we’ve been encouraging users to plan future rides. Rides that they intend to ride once restrictions lift, and/or their ultimate bucket-list rides. REVER’s ride planner is a great way to get out and “explore” within the confines of your own home.

If you haven’t planned rides on our planner, you’re missing out. The advantage of REVER’s ride planner is that you can build completely customized rides that you can then navigate from your smartphone, or export to other devices. Unlike other mapping programs, REVER allows you to plan almost anywhere on the map, even over places where no roads exist. Don’t want to ride on highways, no problem. Want to ride across goat trails that aren’t even considered roads, no worries. So without much further ado, here are some submissions from the REVER community of riders. Enjoy.

__________ #1__________

Gangotri, India

India Dream Ride
Submitted by: Swapnil Ingole

Description: This ride starts from Pune, in the southwestern part of India. After cutting east, it takes a sharp turn back west toward the Gulf of Khambhat wrapping around the Gujarat peninsula along the Arabian Sea. As the route works its way north it traverses the deserts of Rajahsthan bordering Pakistan. Further north, the route enters the Himalayan range and explores Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and into Gangotri. The route then backtracks and heads south to New Delhi before a final push through Nepal, Sikkim, and then onto the jungles of the northeast in Arunachal Pradesh.  
Distance: 7,791 miles
Location: India

__________ #2__________

Southern Indiana looking sweet!

Indiana Gravel Route
Submitted by: Ryan Armbrust
Description: A mostly gravel route winding through some great southern Indiana scenery. Mix of forest roads as well as some rural farm roads. Nothing difficult. All gravel portions are maintained gravel roads. Top of the route brushes Patoka Lake. Several other gravel connectors branch off from this route, offering additional gravel to explore.
Distance: 55.5 miles
Location: Indiana, USA

__________ #3_________

Molalla River, Oregon

Canby, Oregon Twisties
Submitted by: Bryan Townsend

Description: This route is easily accessible due south of Portland, or northeast of Salem. These twisty roads wind through the hills around Canby, Molalla, Colton, Estacada and Mulino. The loop takes about one and a half to two hours to ride. A brief diversion up the Molalla river where Trout Creek Rd. connects with the Molalla forest corridor is a worthwhile sidetrip.
Distance: 78 miles
Location: Oregon, USA

__________ #4__________

Upper Arrow Lake, British Columbia

Canadian Rockies Tour
Submitted by: Randy Dueck

Description: This route starts in Coaldale or Lethbridge, Alberta, and heads west straight into the Rockies. At Salmo, it heads north on 6 first along Slocan Lake and then Lower and then Upper Arrow Lakes toward Revelstoke. Then head east toward Yoho, and Banff National Parks, before ending up around Edmonton.
Distance: 924 miles
Location: Alberta and British Columbia, Canada

__________ #5__________

Independence Pass, Colorado

A Summer Peregrination 2020
Submitted by: Tom Highfill

This ride starts in Southern California, near Palm Springs and works its way into Arizona, through Flagstaff and some of that state's best mountain roads. It then nips through the southeast corner of Utah, before hitting Colorado. In Colorado, it heads through some of the most majestic roads in our country, through Durango, onto Aspen and Independence Pass, Steamboat Springs, and into Wyoming, before cutting through Sturgis. Back into northern Wyoming, before heading the long way into Missoula, Montana.
Distance: 2,700 miles
Location: Western United States

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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