Rider Spotlight: Jon Ross

REVER catches up with the man behind @2WheelADV and longtime REVER user, Jon Ross.

At the recent Get On! ADV Fest in the Black Hills, I finally had the opportunity to meet longtime user, Jon Ross (A.K.A. @2WheelADV). A few years ago, when we launched the REVER ambassador program, Jon was one riders of the first to hop on the opportunity to help promote REVER. As he has been a super user of REVER since 2016, I wanted to highlight his story and get to know the man behind @2WheelADV.

The man behind the helmet, Jon Ross.

REVER: Tell us a little about yourself and your riding experience.

Jon: Basically anything with two wheels has my name on it. My passion for motorcycle riding began as a kid tinkering in the garage with my father, which included rebuilding classic bikes. Riding has become an outlet and source of inspiration as an adult, especially as I also enjoy the camping aspect of motorcycling.

REVER: Which bikes are in your arsenal?

Jon: I currently have a Ducati Desert Sled, Honda CRF250L, and fingers crossed, am few weeks away from owning the all new Ducati Desert X.

Scrambling and rambling on the Ducati.

REVER: If you had to pick just one motorcycle, what would you pick?

Jon: Ah man, this is a tough one. Well, I have ridden a ton of motos and have the Ducati Desert X on order, but haven’t actually spent any time on that one yet. I would have to go with the Yamaha T7. It has the touring capability, off-road capability, price-point, and the Yamaha quality that makes it an all around winner. Well, at least until my X arrives…

REVER: What do you do for work? 

Jon: I recently retired from a career in public service and now run the service department for Ducati of Tampa Bay!

REVER: You are a long time REVER user, when did you start using REVER? How do you utilize the app for your riding?

Jon: I initially discovered REVER in 2016 and have continued utilizing the app throughout the years. One of my favorite things about the app is being able to design routes for my riding buddies and use the tracked route feature when visiting new areas for cool spots to ride mapped by other members.

REVER: You recently attended the Get On! ADV Fest, tell us about that experience!

Jon: My residence in Florida generally makes it difficult to travel to all the fun rallies in the western areas. With GOAF 2022, I decided to make it a family affair and brought the wife and kids along for the journey. Get On! ADV Fest was an exceptional event with welcoming, fellow adventure motorcyclists that led to great trails, friendships, and family bonding.

Jon ripping up the trails at the 2022 Get On! ADV Fest in the Black Hills. Photo: Luke Darigan

REVER: When you are out on the bike, do you listen to music? Podcasts or books? Or keep it real with just the motor?

Jon: Before every ride, I make a playlist and label it for that ride. I also subscribe to audible books and get a lot of reading (rather, listening) done.

REVER: What kind of gear are you running? Helmets, boots, jacket or jersey, pants.

Jon: Gear is my favorite topic and it really depends on the ride. If I know it’s a BDR with consistent weather, I’m going to be rocking my REV’IT! Dirt Series collection. If it’s a long distance tour, you will find me in a multi season REV’TI! Neptune 2 GTX Suite, including the comfy Expedition GTX boots and Cayenne 2 gloves.

REVER: What is the longest ride you've done?

Jon: In 2017, I embarked on the journey to Alaska with my wife and a small group of friends. We shipped the bikes to Tacoma, WA and headed north to Deadhorse, AK for the obligatory toe in the water achievement. Then we rode back down through some of the most scenic roads I have ever witnessed. I ended that journey in Salt Lake City for the BMW MOA rally. Final mile count… a lot.

Jon rolling two-up on his old BMW GS R1200

REVER: Bucket list place to ride?

Jon: That’s a tough one, because there are so many places I have yet to see. Back in 2020, I had planned on making the journey to Europe for an extended stay, but plans quickly changed due to the lockdown. I really want to see the Nordic areas.

REVER: What is your best advice for a newer rider?

Jon: Invest in good riding gear and seek training in the areas you need improvement in.

REVER: Do you have any sponsors/supporters you would like to shoutout?

Jon: Heck yeah! REV’IT! has been an awesome supporter along with Twisted Throttle/Denali Electronics.

Revvin' it in his REV'IT gear at the Get On! ADV Fest. Photo: Luke Darigan

"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
― Anonymous

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