MotoAmerica At Sonoma: Racing And So Much More

Motorcycle Culture And Community In Full Swing

COSTA MESA, CA (July 24, 2019) – The on-track excitement thus far in the 2019 MotoAmerica Series has been unmatched. For the Cycle Gear Championship of Sonoma at Sonoma Raceway, August 10-11, the off-track action promises to be just as gratifying with a weekend packed with motorcycle culture and community.

Motorcyclists like to share their motorcycles and their experiences with other motorcyclists and the Cycle Gear Championship of Sonoma will provide ample opportunity to do both – while fans can also watch the most exciting motorcycle racing championship in the country.

For starters, those making the trek to the wine country of Sonoma can partake in destination rides to get there and group rides once they arrive.

MotoAmerica has partnered with REVER, the world’s largest motorcycle ride planning, tracking and share app. With REVER, you can plan rides using suggested routes, and join like-minded communities. For the Cycle Gear Championship of Sonoma, REVER has created a MotoAmerica Community where riders can find rides to and from Sonoma – from Southern California to Sonoma Raceway and numerous other routes from most points in between, including the shortest one from Cycle Gear Santa Rosa to the racetrack (89 miles). Additionally, REVER has also put together some suggested loops that start and end at the racetrack and range in distance from 150 to under 60 miles.

Do you have a motorcycle to sell? Or are you looking for your next bike? The Championship of Sonoma will also feature “Moto Swap,” a designated parking area/show area just for motorcycles that are for sale. Open to the public only (no dealers, please), MotoAmerica will offer free admittance to the races for MotoSwap participants as a thank you for sharing their motorcycles with its fans.

Do you have an older model motorcycle that you’d like to show off? If so, the Floats & Needles Run is for you. If you have a 1989 or older model motorcycle, your Saturday can begin with a 50-ish mile ride through wine country that riders can navigate through the REVER app at their own pace. After returning to Sonoma Raceway, Floats & Needles will have a show parking area, with motorcycles lined up in British, European, American and Japanese classes. Bikes will be judged, bug spatter and all, with trophies handed out before the final races of the day. Participants will be given a free pass for Saturday’s Cycle Gear Championship of Sonoma races.

The Cycle Gear Championship of Sonoma will feature all five of the MotoAmerica Championship classes – EBC Brakes Superbike, Supersport, Liqui Moly Junior Cup, Stock 1000 and Twins Cup.

To sign up for the Moto Swap
To sign up for the Floats & Needles Run
To discover all the rides at the MotoAmerica Community on REVER
To purchase tickets to the Cycle Gear Championship of Sonoma

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