How To Join or Create A Community

Communities are a big part of REVER, which will really help in building your riding community, simplifying rides and organizing where and when to meet for your rides. If you have a community of friends, an organized riding community or even an organized club you can use REVER communities to organize things a bit, as well as make it easier to do what we all want to do, get out and ride!  

Joining a Community

Communities take two forms, public and private. This is fairly self-explanatory in that a public community allows anyone to join, where as a rider wanting to join private community must request to join the community. Once you click on the ‘send request’ button, this sends an email to the community administrator and they will need to approve your request.

To see a full list of the communities you can go here

Once you’re a member of a community you will see several items:

  • Community Featured Rides – these are rides that the community administrator has decided to add to the community. These could be a ride that is organized for the following weekend or an amazing ride that was tracked using REVER. If you hover on the ride you can see the ‘Copy to my rides’ option. This allows you to copy the ride, then you can sync with your app and travel with full knowledge of where you are going.
  • Community announcements – these are general announcements that the community admin wants to communicate to the community members. These could be something along the lines of “We are meeting on Saturday morning and going on the awesome loop ride. Copy it and lets do it.”
  • Community Rides – These are listed as thumbnails on the main section of the community page. This section shows any rides that the community members have tracked with the REVER app as well as and rides planned by the community admin.
  • Community Leaderboard – This shows the miles the riders in the community have done.

Once you are a member of a community you will receive notifications for community rides as well as announcements.

Creating a Community    

Creating a community is available to Pro members. This means that any Pro user can login to create a community and manage it from there. Take a look at the video to your right to see the options available when you create a community.  


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