How To Download GPX File & Transfer to Garmin GPS Device

Want to get your planned ride or a tracked ride onto your Garmin GPS unit. Here’s how.  

We’ve had a lot of questions in support asking how to get a planned or tracked ride onto a Garmin GPS unit. We’ve gone through the process on a few different units including: Garmin zumo 350LM, a BMW Navigator V, and a BMW Navigator VI. The process is almost identical on all of the more modern Garmin units.

But we’ve built a tutorial video taking you through the steps from downloading the GPX file in the ride planner, to uploading it onto the GPS unit, and finally converting the file into a usable “trip” that you can navigate on the Garmin unit.

Just a few notes: Once you import your Track and Turn it into a Ride, make sure you switch Auto Recalculate to OFF. If you get off route, do not hit recalculate, as the Garmin won’t redirect you back onto your custom route, it will try and route you to the destination in the quickest way possible, essentially overwriting your route. As long as you stay on the static route line, the Garmin will give you turn-by-turn directions, but once you leave the route, that all goes out the window.

We are trying to find a solution to this problem, and will update users when one is found.


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