How To Download Offline Maps

Heading off-the-grind? Download offline maps so you always know where you are!

No cell service? No problem. When creating REVER we knew that an important feature would be the ability to see where you are when there is no cell/data service. This would go a long way in helping us overcome the perceived idea that GPS devices are better than smartphone GPS devices. Take look at an article last year testing smartphones and GPS devices

Anyway, back yo what we have done to overcome the lack of data service. You can download map layers prior to heading on a ride that you suspect might have limited data service. This process saves or “caches” map layers in the area you would like.

To do this you must have a PRO account, but this is just one of our PRO features (See them all here).


As you can see the video above, this is accessed within the maps tab. Open the map options menu on the top left of the map and click on map downloads. Then select the download level of the region you would like to download.

Once you are ready, click on the download button on the bottom left and give your download a name to download the map. The map region you downloaded will be available when you are offline. You don’t need to do anything else, you can now view your downloaded map region.

Please note – Only the DEFAULT Map Style is available in this offline download. The maximum zoom in level is also limited in offline downloaded maps.


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