How To Optimize Ride Tracking

Tracking your activities is one of the primary features in the REVER app and we want to make sure that every adventure is logged properly. As phones continuously improve, there are some quirks that are exposed. Here are some tips to ensure your activities are being recorded:

Android Users: To avoid incomplete data and straight lines while tracking, you need to adjust your Phone’s Settings!

Disable all Power Saving and Battery Optimizations in Settings for best results. On most newer devices, you can set “Optimize Battery Usage” to OFF under Battery settings. Switch Location Settings to "Allow all the time" to ensure that your rides are tracking properly.

If you don’t make these changes, Android will not allow the REVER tracking system to run properly.

Click Battery
Click Optimize Battery Storage
Dropdown Menu and Select All
Find REVER and toggle switch OFF

Battery Should Be Not Optimized
Other devices settings can differ
Switch Location to "Allow All The Time"

Close Apps You’re Not Using: If you have several apps running in the background, the operating system will choose which apps are using the most resources. In an attempt to optimize your battery, the operating system will ‘kill’ apps that are consuming too much battery. (Do not swipe out of REVER, it will end your tracked ride).

Camera Use: We encourage you to take photos along the way! If you choose to use the camera, close out of the camera app after you snap your picture. As cameras continue to improve, they also use more battery and processing power to function, so swipe out of the camera app to make sure REVER does not get booted by the operating system. 


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