How To Share Your Activity on REVER Website

There’s nothing better than a gentle nudge to your buddies that you had an awesome ride while they were counting beans in the office.. To help accommodate your need to be social, we offer several ways to share rides through REVER.  This includes ride you’ve planned and rides you want shamelessly brag about it.

First, to share a ride you need to go to the ride details page. This is the place on the site where you can find the share option.

When you click on the share button you get several options.


Using this option you can easily select the people you are already friends with on REVER. Just click their name from the dropdown list and you can share the ride with them. The ride then appears in their “shared” rides section on the Rides tab on the dashboard on the website.

Social Media

Obviously, this enables you to share the ride to your relevant social media accounts. When you click on your preferred social icon, you’ll see a popup box to confirm the share. The ride will then be visible with a large map image and the relevant stats of the ride. If you did 120mph on public road you may not want to post that one to Facebook. Just saying…


If you want to share a ride with somebody who is not yet a REVER member, enter their email (with a comma separating for multiple addresses) and hit the send button. They will receive an email with a link to the ride. We have recently changed this feature so the person receiving the email does not need to be a member of Rever to see the ride map. We’re a little offended they are not part of REVER but we know some people are slow to the punch so we will cut them a break.

**Please note, rides must be marked as public for anybody but you to see it. There is a note with a warning if you try to share a non public ride.


If you are a blogger or hang out one of the many biking forum,  you the ability to share your rides directly to a thread or blog post. Readers can zoom in and out as well as see the satellite view of the ride. Much like an embbeded Youtube video, this shows the map, route and relevant stats about the ride. Super cool for sharing your rides. See the sample to your right.

Again, rides must have the public setting for other people to see these rides.


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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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