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Stop dreaming about cruising down California motorcycle roads. Take adventure into your own hands and ride this collection of hand-picked California motorcycle routes. The Golden State offers the perfect combination of coastline, desert and mountain landscapes, and there are 163,696 square miles of engaging cities and countryside to explore. California has over 840 miles of coastline, and much of it can be seen while riding the famous Pacific Coast Highway. The best motorcycle roads in California also take riders deep into towering redwood forests and through some of the most iconic panoramas in America. Even the notorious deserts of Death Valley are a dual sport and 4x4 paradise for those who know where they're going.

Below you'll find REVER staff picks of our favorite motorcycle rides in California. Our team has spent extensive time scouting California motorcycle routes, and we're confident these rides will take your breath away. Since California is a huge state, we've divided them into regions like Death Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco for easier navigation. So pack your saddlebags, and let's hit the road!

How To Find The Best Motorcycle Rides In California

In a state as vast as California, it pays to plan out your motorcycle rides carefully. There is much to see, but you can burn an entire day just getting to the starting point of some rides. This is where REVER is key in your adventure to see the best motorcycle routes in California. It is free to get started, and you can open these great motorcycle rides in California with a quick sign up. Free members can also join communities, track their own rides and take on unique challenges in the app. But for the best experience, REVER Pro is where it's at. You can explore routes in 3D, utilize turn by turn navigation and weather alerts, and even ask for the scenic route with the Twisty Roads feature. If you're California dreamin' about a motorcycle trip, don't leave home without the REVER app.  


San Diego Motorcycle Rides

San Diego is famous for its beautiful beaches and perfect, sunny weather, but it's also a great city to visit or live in if you love to ride. Southern California is the epicenter of biker culture, and there is no shortage of San Diego motorcycle rides, rallies, races and communities to join.


Los Angeles Motorcycle Rides

Los Angeles, the City Of Angels, is a metropolis like none other. It is home to movie stars and motion picture studios, but Los Angeles motorcycle rides are famous in their own right as well.


Best Motorcycle Rides In Northern California

Escape the crowded cities of Central and Southern California and head up into wild country with the best motorcycle rides in Northern California from REVER. From the majestic redwoods to the rocky coast, motorcycle rides Northern California rank among the best in the nation.


Motorcycle In San Francisco

Explore the rugged coastlines and iconic hills of The City By The Bay on a motorcycle in San Francisco with REVER. San Francisco is one of the premier cities on the west coast, and those California dreamin' for an epic road trip will get that and much more while motorcycle riding in San Francisco.


Bay Area Motorcycle Ride

Tour the regions east and south of San Francisco on a Bay Area motorcycle ride with REVER. San Francisco may get most of the attention, but there is a lot more to see on Bay Area motorcycle rides outside of The City By The Bay. Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward, Santa Clara and San Jose all have excellent Bay Area motorcycle roads that will help you escape the city when you need a break from the crowds.

Motorcycle Rides In California – Tips For Success

The key to executing California motorcycle rides is flexibility. It is common to encounter frigid mountainsides, pouring rain and sweltering deserts all in the same ride. You'll want to pack breathable clothing for the hotter regions and warm, waterproof clothing for colder areas. In addition, snow and ice is common in the higher elevation areas in winter. This is one more reason to set up weather alerts on the REVER app. Experience more of the natural beauty of California by packing motorcycle camping gear to pair with your rides. Nothing beats ending a day around the campfire with your riding buddies. Don't forget the sunglasses so you can see more of those famous Cali sunsets!

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the infamous California traffic. Major metro areas like Los Angeles can tack extra time onto any ride if the traffic is bad, so plan accordingly. Finally, California offers rides for every skill level, but some mountain and canyon roads can be challenging and are best attempted by experienced riders. Do your homework before you go, and remember there is no shame is turning back if you're overwhelmed. For more tips to make the most of your trip, check out How To Plan Online Like A Pro.

California Attractions

As you explore the best motorcycle rides in California, there are plenty of unforgettable attractions to see along the way. The beaches of Southern California and the rugged coastlines of Northern California are a great place to start, and we've selected some epic routes to go along with those areas. Of course California's parks are not to be missed, and the state features 28 national parks, monuments and preserves. No visit to California is complete without seeing the natural beauty of parks like Yosemite. For a complete list of parks, visit the NPS California website. Up north, destinations like The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz make the bay area a world-class tourist destination. Finally, California is rich with biker history and culture. We've picked out some famous meet up spots so you can talk shop with local riders along the way.

REVER's Top Five California Motorcycle Roads

Palomar MTN Road Temecula Loop

This route starts in the Temecula wine area and heads through agricultural areas of the Pauma Valley before heading up the west side of Palomar Mountain Road and then down the backside. After passing Lake Henshaw you ride over Mesa Grande and back to Temecula via Warner Springs.

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Angeles Crest Highway Out And Back

Escape the city and tour the San Gabriel Mountains on this three hour plus ride on the Angeles Crest Highway. The entire Angeles Crest Highway area is remote aside from parks, campgrounds and one roadhouse (which we'll get to in a second). This provides a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the Crescenta and San Fernando Valleys below. There are plenty of twists and turns on the Angeles Crest Highway to keep riders occupied as well. Winter conditions in this area can cause avalanches and landslides, therefore this route is best ridden in the summer months.

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Highway 33 from Ojai to Lockwood Valley Rd and Back

Heading out of Ojai, this route heads up the awesome Highway 33 before hitting Hudson Ranch Road, and then picking up Lockwood Valley Road back toward Ojai.

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Pacific Coast Highway (PCH): Carmel to Cambria Round Trip

The legendary stretch of tarmac also known as the Pacific Coast Highway. With no shortage of scenery, this is certainly on our list of top motorcycle rides in California.

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Yosemite Nat. Park: Oakhurst to Volcano on HWY 49

This route through the California Gold Country heads north up the 49/Golden Chain Highway through Coulterville, Moccasin, Chinese Camp, Sonora, then cuts back east on Mountain Ranch Road, Railroad Flat Road, Onto the 26 back to the west and the 49  before heading in Sutter Creek Road to the tiny town of Volcano. Stay at the Inn, it's supposed to be haunted.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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