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Colorado is without a doubt one of the best places in the country to plan an epic motorcycle trip. Motorcycle rides in Colorado are loaded with opportunities for adventure, discovery and escape. From 53 majestic 14,000 ft. peaks to countless mountain passes just begging to be explored, the best motorcycle roads in Colorado are waiting for you to kick up dust. We've divided the best motorcycle rides in Colorado into three different categories – Denver, Colorado Springs and Colorado Mountain routes. As a long time Colorado resident, I've explored the state extensively, and I can say we've put together some routes that you'll never forget. Click on the links below to uncover the best Colorado motorcycle roads in each part of the state.

REVER was founded in Eagle, Colorado, and we're still based there today. Our team spends the weekends exploring mountain roads and tearing up trails. We're excited for you to experience some of our all-time favorites on this list. This said, if you're new to Colorado and planning a trip, you should know not all areas of the state are ideal for year-round rides. Memorial Day to Labor Day roughly represents the summer mountain season, although you can ride earlier and later depending on conditions. Many of these routes are closed for the winter, especially the mountain passes, and they are too snowed over to traverse anyway. Denver and lower altitude regions of the state can experience beautiful, sunny days even in the winter, so you may be able to sneak in a ride at any time of year in these areas. Always check the weather and road conditions before you go. 

One more thing before we get started. Respect your limits and know your riding skills before you go. Some of these routes are technical and should be attempted only by experienced riders. But don't worry, there are rides for every skill level in Colorado. Our Denver motorcycle rides page is a great place to get started if you're new to mountain rides.
"I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this"

How To Find The Best Motorcycle Roads In Colorado

If you live to ride, then REVER was made for you. Our app takes all of the stress out of planning and executing a unforgettable motorcycle, 4x4 or snowmobile ride. It is free to get started, and there are loads of features to explore. Start by tracking your own routes and sharing them with fellow riders. And don't worry, REVER never shares or sells your information or location with anyone else. In addition, you can join communities, try out our exclusive challenges and open hand-picked routes selected by our staff.

When you're ready to hit the throttle on your next Colorado motorcycle ride, then power up with REVER Pro. You'll unlock boss-level perks like Butler Maps recommendations, turn-by turn and voice navigation, 3D route exploration and offline map access. You can even turn on our Twisty Roads feature that takes any ordinary A to B route and transforms it into a wild adventure. Check out REVER Pro for a full list of perks. 

Motorcycle Rides In Colorado – Tips For Success

As you plan your next ride, you may wonder which part of the state is right for your ambitions. Colorado is a large state, and certain routes simply aren't feasible to take on for a day trip. For example, if you're basing your trips out of Denver, routes in the southwest part of the state around Telluride or Durango are too far away unless you find lodgings for the night before. Even on a shorter ride, it is easy to get turned around in the mountains. It is wise to keep your app open for navigation, and save Colorado motorcycle maps offline in case you lose cell service. Part of the excitement that comes with riding is exploring different offshoots and side roads you encounter along the way. Using the REVER app will ensure you won't get lost, and you'll record those memorable routes as you explore. For more expert tips, check out our post on How To Plan Online Like A Pro.

Gear Preparation For Motorcycle Routes In Colorado

Colorado is packed with adventure, but every good journey comes with caution, and Colorado is no different. Weather moves fast in the Rocky Mountains, and a mean storm can descend in a matter of minutes. Rain gear and warm base layers are a must for mountain rides, even in the summer. Snow and ice can cause issues in the spring and fall as well. There is no shame in checking the conditions before you go. It only takes one harrowing trip down an icy mountain road to respect the weather in Colorado.  

In addition to weather, Colorado's high altitude can impact those who aren't acclimated, and altitude sickness affects everyone differently. If you're tackling Colorado motorcycle routes at 8,000 ft. or higher, make sure to stay well hydrated to stave off potential symptoms. Those who have a history of altitude sickness should talk to their doctor about medications before they take a trip to the high country. Exercise caution as you ride, but don't let this deter you from exploring everything Colorado has to offer. For the complete experience, pair scenic motorcycle rides in Colorado with a night under the stars. Camping in Colorado is legendary, but you'll want to carefully think out your camp kit. Critical items like cookware and utensils, flashlights and first aid kits are easily forgotten but make a big difference between a comfortable and miserable night. Finally, be sure to control you campfire and respect fire bans when the state enacts them. You can check CO Fire Restrictions anytime before you go on the web.

Attractions In Colorado

Colorado boasts up to 300 days of sunshine in some areas, and there are plenty of activities to pair with the great weather when you're not riding. Colorado boasts four unforgettable national parks that are not to be missed – Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, The Black Canyon Of The Gunnison and Great Sand Dunes National Park. Several of our selected routes even take you through or nearby these national treasures. Countless hiking and outdoor activities abound outside the parks as well. In the summer, there is perhaps no place better in the world to see a concert then at Red Rocks Amphitheater. The Wild West is alive and well in Colorado, and there are plenty of history museums, mines and ghost towns to explore. Finally, Colorado features a rich brewing and distilling culture, and destinations like New Belgium, Molson Coors, Stranahans' Whiskey, Law's Whiskey, Leupold Brothers Distilling, Odell, Left Hand, Avery, Upslope and more offer tours to the public. 

REVER's Top Five Colorado Motorcycle Roads

Rocky Mountain Nat. Park Loop

This loop through Rocky Mountain National Park heads from Lyons up the 36 to Estes Park then over Trail Ridge Road to the 34 and then south to Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Lake, Lake Grandby and then back north to Walden, over the 14 before heading south on Stove Prairie Road and back toward Lyons. *This route has seasonal closures*

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Mt Evans, Central City/Blackhawk out of Golden

This loop takes you from Golden, Colorado through Clear Creek Canyon to Squaw Pass Road then up to the top of Mount Evans then through Idaho Springs, into Black Hawk and then down into Golden on the the Golden Gate Canyon Road.

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Ski-Area Tour via Berthoud Pass & Loveland Pass

This summer route visits some of Colorado's most famous ski towns along the way. Heading out of Empire it heads over the twisty Berthoud Pass into Winter Park, through Fraser, south past Williams Fork Reservoir, into Silverthorne, then on Highway 6 through Keystone and over Loveland Pass past Arapahoe Basin and then back to I-70 and Loveland Basin.

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Copper Triangle Loop

This ride heads out of Copper Mountain south on Highway 91 to Leadville, then down Highway 24 into Minturn then back over Vail Pass to Copper Mountain. *Check Road Condition Early or Late in the season, both Vail Pass and Highway 91 go over 10,000 feet in elevation*

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Independence Pass, Aspen & Leadville Loop

This is one of the most scenic rides in the US. Heading out of the junction for Highway 24 and the 82 head west over Independence pass (closed October to May), then down into Aspen, onto Glenwood Springs, through the beautiful Glenwood Canyon, through Rever's homebase of Eagle, then through Minturn and up the fantastic Highway 24 to Leadville, and back to Twin Lakes. *Independence Pass Has Seasonal Closure*

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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