Favorite Features

  1. Privacy Zones - Keep your private parts private. Set a privacy zone to mask the start and end of your rides to protect your important places.

  1. From the Profile tab click the settings icon (upper left)
  2. Select Add Privacy Zone
  3. Move the Pin to the location you want to mask and select how big of a radius you want with the slider. 
  4. Add a name for your zone and Click Save.

  1. Weather Radar and Alerts - Avoid the storm! Enable the weather radar on the main map and receive alerts for severe weather conditions. 
  1. From the Map tab click the Map Styles icon (upper left)
  2. Under Weather overlay choose your preferred option
  3. Once highlighted you can close out of the map styles screen
  4. Zoom out until you see the details of the weather overlay.

  1. Offline Maps and Rides - Head off-the-grid, stay on track! Download your route for offline use and download the basemap for out-of-reception adventures.
  • Rides
  1. Select a ride and click the ellipsis icon (right side above the map)
  2. Click Offline (if download icon is shaded the ride is saved to your phone)
  • Maps
  1. Go to the Map tab > Select the Map Styles icon (upper left)
  2. Choose Map style you want to download for offline use
  3. Scroll to the bottom > click Add Offline Map Region
  4. Find the area on the map you want to download
  5. Use the slider to determine how much detail you want (left for more detail over a smaller section)
  6. Download as many sections as you need to cover the area you plan to Use

  1. LiveRIDE and Safety SMS - See your friends on the map while you ride or share your location with loved ones.
  1. From the Map tab click the Map styles icon (upper left)
  2. Under Show on map click LiveRIDE Friends
  3. Toggle on Friends on Map (make sure your friends do the same)
  4. Toggle on Share a link (click share a link to send it)
  5. Toggle on Send Safety SMS. (Optional; Customize your message)
  6. Add Safety Contacts from your contacts list


These are the best paved roads in the world. Fun corners, elevation gain and million-dollar views. Plan your rides around these guaranteed winners.


Excellent roads, but may not have every great element of a G1. Fun, twisty, scenic views, no highways or stoplights. Don’t miss these gems.


Podium worthy! Curvy and exciting with a good rhythm. They may not be the best of the best, but you won’t be disappointed with these fun roads.


Adventure awaits on these hand picked un-paved roads. Expect anything from wide country roads to narrow two-track meandering through the mountains and deserts.

Paved Trails

Typically found in back corners of the mountains, these dual-sport routes have a mix of dirt and narrow paved paths with minimal traffic.

Lost hwys

These roads are blasts from the past. Most were replaced with today's super highways. These original routes provide charm and nostalgia.

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"You don't stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding."
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